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Joined: Jan. 02 2007
Name: Thoran
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Guild: Gauntlet
Allies: HitcHorus, Phool
Enemies: Pending...

"I dance in the Darkness, whisper to the Dead, and smile down upon the dying. I have Witnessed the deaths of great Kings and have stared empty as Empires danced toward their dissolution"

"Sometimes, across the distance of a world, we hear Thorans angry scream of disbelief and rage echoing into the afterworlds. Let him cry out. Evil chose him for it's own ends. But evil, like good, is always defeated by time"

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The Wicked Players

Character History

Very little is known, mostly from tales sung by wandering Bards. The stories always tell of attacks during the dead of night. Entire tribes of merchant Orcs, Bandits and the like being slaughtered leaving nothing of value. Rarely any average adventurer and never the Kings men ever being attacked. The songs often start with a strange figure quickly crossing the night sky followed shortly by a lone figure blocking the path up ahead. Some speak of the screams that come from the rear of the caravan but these are told by the ramblings of half dead witnesses that never quite recover their minds long after their bodies have healed. Some say they were left to live to pass the tale but no one can't be sure. One song told by only few speak of a second figure, barely seen and never heard......

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