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The FallenSwordCalculators website is a remake and extension of the Online Stats Calculators website. Both are primarily resources for aiding players in finding the right equipment to wear in battle against creatures or PvP.

Other tools available on the FallenSwordCalculators website include:

  1. Stamina calculator: to determine when a player will reach their maximum stamina.
  2. Hellforge calculator: determines the cost for each level of hellforging any item, as well as the new stats of the item.
  3. Buffs calculator: will show how a players stats will change when various buffs are activated.
  4. List page: for keeping track of friends and enemies with the ability to keep notes on each one.
  5. Search page: for viewing all the items in the game. Searches may be sorted by level or by their stats such as attack or damage.
  6. Virtual backpack: for storing all the items selected on the search page. This allows for easily swapping out commonly used items. The greatest benefit of the virtual backpack is that you only have to edit craftable and Hellforged items once.
  7. Finally there is the Stats page itself. The stats page displays any two of the six possible Combat Sets for side-by-side comparison.