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The Auction House is a Central Marketplace for player to player trading. Any player can place items up for auction, and the item goes to the player with the highest bid at the end of the bidding period. Optionally, the player auctioning the item in question can put By Now price causing the auction to end as soon as anyone bids that amount.


Browsing the Auction House

The auction house page lists all auctions by default. The list shows the item image (which you can hover to get details about the item), the seller (player who sells the item), current bids (your current as well as the highest - currently winning - bid) and finally the price and time remaining.

Some auctions have two prices, where the first is the starting bid and the other is a "Buy Now" price. If any player bids this amount, the auction is immediately ended and that player wins the auction.


  • Base Items: Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, Weapons, Shields, Rings, Amulets & Runes. These are the items your character wears while playing
  • Quest Items: These items are found and used during quests.
  • Potions: Items which can be used one time to temporarily add a buff to your character.
  • Resources: Holds items which are used while inventing.
  • Recipes: Trading of recipes which a player needs to learn before being able to invent stuff.
  • Special: This is (as the name suggest) a special category where the auction house itself sells items (mostly potions). All of the items bought in this category are bound to the player that buys them and cannot be traded further.

Creating an Auction

Any player can create an auction. When starting out, only two auctions per player is allowed but this can be upgraded using FSPs. Anything except bound items and "guild tagged" items can be auctioned and the price is set by the player and can be in either gold or FSP. The length of the auction can range between 1 hour and 48 hours.

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