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"Non nobis Tantum nati"

Joined Fallensword on 20th August 2008 as Aich00

Dedicated Guild Council Member of The Burning Legion

Served as a Guild Mule 2009 - 2013

Rebuilt the Guild in August 2013

"constantia et virtute" By firmness and courage


Training Tips

  • Have the equipment to do the job - aim for 1 Hit Kills.
    • Use a set that gives Elite Hunter 100%
    • For help on selecting additional equipment use the [ : Set Calculator] Bookmark this very good tool.
  • Train in areas suitable for your level - plan ahead to include the Quests. If you don't know where to train refer to:
  • Do your skills justice and Hunt. If your short of time use a Doubler.
  • Do make sure you burn enough stamina so it doesn't over flow before you hunt again.
  • When moving arround use the "quick keys" w,d,x,a, r = repair, b = backpack
  • Kill every creature yielding the highest xp before moving on.
  • Request or buy in the skills you don't have.

Deciding when to hunt

  • Hunt to suit yourself the only constriction is the amount of Stamina. That topic I will try to deal with here.
  • We are all given, for free, 50 stamina gain per hour up to a maximum of 500 at any one time.
  • The Guild pays for an extra 15 stamina per hour for each and every member. For this The Guild currently pays 16,250 Gold/hour or 390,000 Gold/Day.
  • After 11 1/2 hours the stamina will be at it's max and any additional stamina gain will be lost (maxed out). It is ideal to hunt say every 12 hours assuming you spend 20 minuites hunting.
  • If you only hunt once a day the best solution is to improve your character in Uprades section to increase the maximum. This is a once off expence from which you will reap a benefit every day. Max Stamina can be upgraded by 10 at cost of 2FSP or 1/25,000gold up to a max of 10 every day.

Sourcing Skills

Below level 50 use the guild.

Try the shoutbox.

From players outside the Guild - keep track of them using your note book or use Enemies = Buffers.

My Buffs

Type Name Level Icon Free
Offense Enchant Weapon 150 5_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Defense Deflect 150 14_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Defense Force Shield 150 27_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Find Item 150 16_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Treasure Hunter 150 17_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Quest Finder 150 61_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Librarian 150 20_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Merchant 150 21_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Animal Magnetism 150 24_sm.gif Free to Guild Members
Special Empower 150 25_sm.gif Free to Guild Members

Players need to request the skills required by Personal Message(PM), have >500 Stamina and not used their own skills.

Some whys' and wherefores' of selling and receiving buffs:

Buffs are skills we all need to use. They are divided into three catagories Offensive, Defensive, and Special. For leveling use Specials assuming you have the gear for a one hit kill.

The giver of Buffs needs to be higher than the level of the player who uses them. For example I use buffs at 175+ typically cast by a 500+ player. I buy these in at budget below 1fsp to burn 4000 stamina accumulated over two/three days. I cast buffs at 150 but only to the guild. Hopefully the player has over 500 stam and will burn it all killing creatures and so earn their place in the guild.

The objective for all lower level players is to use all their stamina to kill creatures at the highest yield of XP to get themselves to the higher levels. I would recommend that lower level players leave their skill points unallocated.