A Potent Brew

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503 Ralthien (Southern Quarter) (4,13) [none]



  1. Go to to Start
  2. Obtain 4x Quart of Blood
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Ralthien (Royal Ward) (16,17)
    • Requires minimum level 510
  5. Go to Ralthien (Sewers) (6,7)
  6. Go to Ralthien (Deeper Sewers) (3,2)
  7. Obtain Ormr Dragon Heart
  8. Return to Ralthien (Royal Ward) (16,17)
  9. Go to Ralthien (Royal Gate) (2,2)
  10. Go to Ralthien (Palace) (7,3)
  11. Kill Enraged Trillsarin (Elite)
  12. Return to Ralthien (Royal Gate) (2,2)


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In a city the throng of people makes it easy to be lost in the crowd. It comes as a great surprise when you are hailed by a complete stranger. He is a man with an unhealthy pale complexion dressed in dark travel worn robes.

The man looks exhausted barely able to stand. His face is drawn he whispers to you, 'The Mistress has a job for you. You must bring me 4 Quarts of Elf Blood. This is for a potion she is making for an acquaintance, the Blood must be taken from the Ralthien Heavy Spearman. Their pride makes them strong and so the Blood is potent enough for the brew. I shall wait for your return with the first Quart of Blood.'

The Strange man waits for you, \'Have you the first Quart of Blood?\'

He takes the Blood, 'Good, now for the Second Quart of Blood.'

The dark robed man stands in the throng like a crow of death. He nods as you apporach, \'Have you the Second Quart of Blood?\'

He takes the Blood, 'The Mistress said you were competent. I see she was correct. But she always is. She does not like disappointment.' He stares off into the distance as if remembering something and shivers despite the heat of the day. 'Now for the Third Quart of Blood.'

The Strange Man seems to be ignored by all around him. It\'s as if they do not even see him. He smiles weakly as you approach, \'Have you the Third Quart of Blood?\'

He takes the Quart of Blood, 'Good – Good. Now for the Fourth and last Quart.'

The Strange Man wraps his long dark robe tighter around him, he looks up at the sky and mutters a curse to the sky. \'Its good to see you return, have you the Fourth Quart of Blood?\'

He takes the final Quart of Blood, 'Excellent. The Mistress was specific in her requirements.' As he says this he drops three of the Quarts onto the Floor. The blood runs over the green earth and is gone. 'The Mistress only needed one Quart of Blood for the Brew. The others were totally unnecessary.' You stare at him in utter disbelief. 'Yes the Mistress said you would be surprised. The Blood was simply a reason for the Elves to be slaughtered like the cattle they are. Their blood wasted. Their death was simply to please the Mistress and the knowledge that you were the one who gutted them senselessly. She also instructed me to tell you “It's so much tidier that way”, she said you would understand. We shall meet again soon – very soon.' He turns and walks away, leaving you standing in boiling rage.

The Strange Man in dark robes gestures to you.

The Strange man nods, 'Yessss, the Mistress said you would be reluctant to complete the task assigned to you. You should follow me and we shall see the fruits of your deeds. We must travel through the Dark Corner into the Sewers. There you shall see the price which has been payed for you.' With that he stalks away, despite yourself the enigmatic comment draws you on.

The Strange Man in dark robes waits for you in the darkness.

The Strange man hisses slightly, 'I am sorry, the bodies must have been washed into the Deeper Sewers. We shall have to look there.'

The Strange Man in dark stands hunched, as if under the weight of sadness.

The Strange man points to the two corpses, 'Take a closer look, you have had dealings with both of these Elves. They were just following their duty to Ralthien. But they both went to talk to Trillsarin. They told him that his scheming to overthrow Ralthien had failed due to your efforts, along with his attempt to disgrace the Elf Captain. He does not want Ralthien to be opened to Outsiders. He wants to replace the Old King with his Son who he can control better. Imagine his rage when he hears that an Outsider is foiling his efforts. The Mistress wants an Ormr Dragon Heart. They are taken from the Ralthien Dragon Lords which protect the Royal Ward. When my Mistress has the Heart she can complete the Potent Brew. When that is done you will finally have access to avenge the deaths of these innocents and end the scheming of Trillsarin. I shall meet you in the Royal Ward when you have the Ormr Heart.' you stare down at the young brother of the Elven Girl and the City Guard who's only concern was protecting the City. Trillsarin must pay for this. You turn and leave the Sewers for the Royal Ward and the Dragon Lords.

The Strange Man in stands in his dark robes like a vulture, \'Do you have the Ormr Heart?\'

The Strange Man takes the Ormr Heart and weighs it, 'Yesss, this is a strong heart. The Potion that the Mistress shall make from these items you have supplied will work very well indeed. The Mistress has one more task for you. Meet me in the Royal Gate we shall discuss it further. It concerns Trillsarin directly.' You sigh heavily and walk towards the Royal Gate. You feel as if you are being manipulated but do not understand why at the moment. But you have started this journey, you might as well finish it.'

The Strange Man in stands in his dark robes waiting expectantly for you, \'This is as far as I dare go, I advise you run...\'

The Strange Man laughs softly, 'The King needs protecting, I would think the Captain of the Guard is in dire need. You should talk to her as soon as possible. Return when Trillsarin is destroyed.'

Fear is etched onto the Elven Captain\'s face. She stands before her King sword raised.

The question snaps the Elven Captain back to herself. 'It's good to see you my friend. Concern about my welfare is most unusual – I am unharmed. But there is a Dragon in the Palace, how did it get into Ralthien unnoticed! Please stop the Dragon whilst I get the King to safety.'

The Strange Man is dark robes stands silently in the chaos and fear, \'Have you slain Trillsarin and helped the Elven Captain protect the King?\'

The Strange man looks visibly shaken at the news, 'Trillsarin was furious at the failure of his carefully crafted schemes. He asked my Mistress for the power to kill all before him. She concocted the Potent Brew which you so efficiently got the ingredients for, to grant him his wish. The potion changed Trillsarin into one of the most powerful beasts known, and you still slew him?' You look straight at the Strange Man, 'Did you doubt it?' Under your piercing stare he flinches, 'The Mistress will be most displeased, She was confident that your destiny would not protect you against such a terrible foe as an enraged Dragon. I am duty bound to give you this as payment. I must now go and inform the Mistress the sad news of your victory, the destruction of her plans and slaughter of a powerful pawn.' You receive 2,336,313 Xp + Strange Mans Rune