Trial of Honor

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499 Forest of Ral (Inner Grove) (14,3) [none]



  1. Obtain Skull of the Fey
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Forest of Ral (Ancient Grove) (7,10)
  4. Obtain Knot of Wisdom
  5. Return to Forest of Ral (Ancient Grove) (7,10)
  6. Go to Forest of Ral (Range) (7,8)
  7. Kill Unicorn of Dappled Light (Elite)
  8. Return to Forest of Ral (Range) (7,8)


  • 1,192,812 XP
  • Captains Blade
  • completion of this quest is necessary in order to later gain entry into Ralthien (Palace) for the continuation of the quest A Potent Brew.

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The Inner Grove is a stunning place. Beams of bright sunlight pour through the lush canopy of the forest. The sound of soft weeping is carried on the breeze. You find an Elven Captain with her head in her hands.

At you voice the Elf jumps to her feet, she quickly dries her face, 'It shames me to be so weak in front of a stranger. The Captain of the Guard must be of stronger stuff. But my task is impossible! I suspect that Trillsarin knows this as well.' You shift your feet, and ask who Trillsarin is. The Elven Captain laughs, a beatifically musical sound and the involuntary action seem to bring her out of herself. 'Trillsarin is the Chief Advisor to the King. He has accused me of treason and charged me to present three items as proof of my Strength and Dedication to the King. I must present three items but I cannot do it.' You listen intently, then smile. 'You are asked to present the items not collect them. What are they?' The Captain looks astonished, 'Yes, I see what you mean. A Skull of the Fey is the first. Could you get me one? I have no right to even ask.' You nod and turn to hunt the Fey.

The Elven Captain waits for your return, \'Have you taken a Skull of the Fey?\'

She takes the Skull in trembling hands, 'You have no idea what you have done. For the help you have given me I cannot thank you enough. The Fey of the Grove are our allies. For me to kill them is simply not possible. Thank you. My next task is in the Ancient Grove. Meet me there if you would help me more.'

The Ancient Grove is full of trees of age that are beyond your reckoning. Their mighty branches sway gently in the gentle breeze. The you find the Elven Captain in a small clearing, she stands when she sees you.

'It's good to see you again Warrior, it has been years since I've been in The Ancient Grove. It's quiet beauty is breathtaking isn't it? The second item of my trial is found here. The Grove is protected by the mighty Treemen. I must present a Knot of Wisdom which is only found within the Ancient Grove Treemen. I cannot lift a blade against these guardians of the forest. Could you get one for me?'

The Elven Captain waits your return, \'Have you found a Knot of Wisdom?\'

The Captain takes the Knot of Wisdom, 'This is a horrific deed which has been done. The Ancient Treemen are only doing their sacred duty. Trillsarin is up to something in forcing me to acquire these items. He must be hoping that I will fail and so be rid me from the Kings side. I cannot deduce the reason he would want this. I have served the King as Captain of his Royal Guard for two hundred years. What would he gain from my removal? Well such concerns are of little import at this time. My last trail is not an item but a deed. Meet me in the Range, and you can decide if you can do such a foul thing.'

The Range has less undergrowth between the trees, short grasses and wild flowers carpet the forest floor. The Elven Captain stands in silence staring at the beauty around her.

She nods but does not look at you, 'We are blessed to have the Unicorn of Dappled Light (Elite) roam this part of the forest. My final task is to slay the Unicorn. If you can do this, my Trial will be over. My heart aches to even speak of the death of a creature that is only Noble and Good. But that is the task I have been set. If you can do this I will be free to return to my King.'

The Elven Captain stands in silence for your return, \'Have you managed to slay the Unicorn of Dappled Light (Elite)?\'

She nods, 'Thank you. You have my eternal gratitude for helping me and have won a friend in Ralthien. Take my sword as a sign of my respect. The king is obviously correct in his opinion of outsiders. I must now return to my Liege. Be well, my friend.' You gain 1,192,812 Xp + Captains Blade