Wrongly Accused

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501 Ralthien (Gate) (9,12) [none]



  1. Go to Ralthien (Guard House) (7,8)
  2. Obtain Ralthien Guard Key
  3. Go to Ralthien (Guard Cells) (2,2)
  4. Go to Ralthien (Guard House) (14,13)
  5. Return to Start


  • 976,952 XP
  • completion of this quest is necessary in order to later gain entry into Ralthien (Sewers) for the continuation of the quest A Potent Brew.

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Ralthien is an impressive merging of the Forest and City. The Buildings are artfully constructed into the very forest itself, leaving airy clearings for it\'s citizens to move in. Walkways bridge between these buildings so the Forest is not trodden underfoot by the masses. Standing in the center of a large plaza you find a distraught young Elven Girl.

The Girl initially reels from you, but her need seems to steady her, 'You are an Outsider, but maybe that's just as well. My Brother who is a Runner for the palace has been put in jail for no reason. The Sword Guard refuse to talk to me. Can you please go to the Sword Guard Lieutenant and find out why my Brother is being held. You will find the Lieutenant in the Guard House.'

The Guard House stands in the large square, looming over the people like a mighty beast. You enter and find a tall Elf in splendid amour.

The Lieutenant looks at you with obvious distaste, 'Why are you here?' he sneers. You explain that a young Elf Girl is concerned for her brother and you were wondering why the Runner had been held in custody. 'The Ralthien Sword Guard do not need to explain themselves to silly little Girls let alone Outsiders.' With this, he turns and ignores you. Anger begins to build inside, the boy must be held in a cell somewhere. You will need a key to release him. Surely the Sword Guards will have it.

Anger radiates from you like a fire, those who are to protect the people must never be allowed to dominate them. In a dark cell you find a slim Elven Boy siting in chains. He looks at you with obvious fear. \'You are not of our People, I take it you are to kill me as they are afraid to do it themselves.\' Shocked you quickly tell him that his Sister sent you, you just need the key for the chains.

The Runner looks at the open manacles at his feet as if in a dream. You gently bring the Boy to his feet. This seems to bring the Boy to his senses. 'Thank you for releasing me, but I cannot leave without the message I carried. It was put into the Evidence Box upstairs, please help me get it, its very important.'

You move quickly with the Boy through the Guard House, You cut down any who stand in your way. Eventually you find a locked box with the Ralthien Crest on it.

The Boy giggles, 'Thats an effective way to open it.' He takes a large scroll from the chest. 'This details a list of names who are in a secret society. I don't know what they are planning, but it's something. Can you take me to my Sister now. I don't think I can get out of here without you.'

The sun streams down in pleasant beams of light. The Sword Guard seem to be avoiding you for some reason - you smile despite yourself. You find the distraught Elven Girl, \'Have you found out anything about why my brother was imprisoned?\'

You step aside to reveal the Runner behind you. He is looking anxiously around. The Girl immediately throws her arms around her Brother, 'I was so worried about you, are you all right?' The Runner nods quickly. 'Sorry Sis, but I have to go deliver this to Lord Trillsarin as quickly as possible. There is a problem rising in Ralthien, he will know what to do about it.' He turns to you. 'Thank you for all your help. I must go before I'm caught again. Luck to you Warrior.' You receive 976,952 Xp