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Empire of Draco
Leader(s): Beltden, Troabarton
Founder: Beltden
Allies: See on right

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Guild History

Empire of Draco was originally formed by jl5, usarmydude, and boiledhash from the guild "Stars of the Whispering Wind"(SWW). When it was clear that restructuring was necessary, beltden and troabarton took over as founder and co-founder. Under their leadership the guild prospered as many new alliances were formed. The guild is now run by beltden as founder, with mara31 and boiledhash as master consiglieres.

Empire Of Draco emerged from the ashes of S.W.W. guild on the 19th of April, 2008. As a Phoenix emerges from the blazing flames with renewed strength, so do we.

We are a strong guild based on family and great friendships. We have many experienced players, and we are ready to help in whatever way we can to make your fallen sword experience as enjoyable as possible. We are a growing guild in the top 200 rank, and we welcome anyone lvl 50 or higher to join us as we climb the fallen sword ranks. For those that join, a vast armory of legendary and super-elite sets(lvls 50-335) are available for use. We boast 17 structures and 8 of them maxxed!

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