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The Pugs
Founded: October 2007
Founder(s): Xesaveous
Leader(s): Kenshee,Jarkkon
Allies: Call of Cthulhu, Empire of Draco, Pinoy Tayo, Shinra, The Brand
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Website: The Pugs
Fallensword Page: FS Guild Page
Recuiting: Kayesha1
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The Pugs

A guild based on honor, loyalty and assistance. We work together, sharing buffs and equipment; we drop by the chat room on good days and bad to share our triuphs and our sorrows; we have members that PvP and clear bounties, we have members that farm plants and invent potions, and we have power levelers who are upwardly mobile. Our members challenge each other, and it is not uncommon for friendly wagers of FSP to be placed on the line! It is our differences that make The Pugs the successful guild it is today.

The Pugs has been moving up the Guild Ranks, becoming stronger weekly. As of November 2009 we are 76th overall. Always seeking active players that can level up when at max stamina, to help increase Guild XP and gold to become a force in the FallenSword world. We have Legendary, Elite and Super Elite sets, and offer FREE BUFFS to members. We have all 28 structures, all maxed.


Recent Guild Progression

Unfortunately a great fire in the Pugs Library has left us without many historical documents, the following were saved:

Date Rank Guild XP Level
Jan. 31/09 124th 760,076,812 424
Feb. 02/09 125th 764,996,557 425
Feb. 6/09 123rd 790,256,729 430
Feb 24/09 119th 883,428,418 446
Mar. 05/09 117th 926,846,187 453
Mar. 11/09 114th 964,583,203 459
Mar. 16/09 17:58 115th 1,000,000,000 465
Mar. 27/09 114th 1,067,865,384 475
Apr. 11/09 109th 1,165,168,067 489
July 30/09 95th 1,965,237,171 582
Aug. 21/09 90th 2,150,472,954 600
Sept. 1/09 88th 2,261,786,502 610
Oct. 20/09 80th 2,750,039,190 651
Nov. 24/09 76th 3,195,550,760 684


Currently recruiting

To begin your journey with The Pugs please contact one of our recruiters with a brief message. Remember that we ask for regular commitment. If your level is higher than your number of days in FS then your acceptance is more likely.



Allied Guilds


Guild Ranks

Guild XP Contributed Rank Name Privileges
0 Boot Camp None
10,000 Pug Trooper None
30,000 Pug Sergeant Take item from Store
60,000 Pug Lieutenant Same
100,000 Pug Captain Hire/Fire Mercs
300,000 Pug Major Store Items
500,000 Pug Colonel Same
1,000,000 Pug General Build Structures, Change Member Rank, Mass Message, Tag Items, View Advisor
5,000,000 Pug 1 Star General Recall Tagged Items, Recruit, Edit History, Change Logo, Use Guild RP
10,000,000 Pug 2 Star General Same
15,000,000 Pug 3 Star General Same
20,000,000 Pug 4 Star General Same
25,000,000 Pug 5 Star General Untag Items
50,000,000 Custom Title Decided by Founder
Special Guild Founder All
Inactive 2+ Days without notice (Kicked after 5th) Missing In Action None
Special Circumstances (Vacation, RL issues) Covert Ops None

Rules and Regulations

  • RULES:

(1) Play at least every second day or once you reach full stamina.If you will be gone for a while (i.e. on Vacation, School or Military Deployment, dealing with Internet issues) you MUST notify a Leader, but you may also post in the Chat Room and/or Mass Mail everyone. This can be done from any computer. *See Termination Guidelines*

(2) There will be no begging for gold, FSP or equipment. The Guild will provide you new or upgraded items as they become available. (If you feel you need something before the Guild can supply it, feel free to buy it and keep it for yourself. You may donate it to the Guild if you so choose.) You, as a player, are responsible for earning your own gold and FSP. Beggars are not tolerated in other Guilds and The Pugs are no different. No warnings are necessary, we take this very serious and it is an automatic kick

(3) Donate to the Guild every other time you play. You may send your Donation to a Leader who will in turn deposit it when they make their Deposit.

(4) Should a problem arise with a Guild member, tell a Leader so that we may take the necessary action. In the event that someone in the game is being rude, threatening or exhibiting any other behavior you do not like or find distasteful - Tell a Leader so that we may take the necessary steps to resolve the situation.

(5) Ranking is determined by XP points contributed to the Guild. The best way to be an asset to the guild is to level up as much as possible. Newcomers enter Boot Camp to prove they have what it takes to achieve their next rank within a 7 day time frame. People just checking in and not using up Stamina or just bounty hunting to use stamina are chancing getting kicked. Allowances can be made and are determined by the Founder and Co-Founders only.


(1) After 3 days of Inactivity, without contacting a Leader, you will be placed on the Missing In Action (MIA) rank. Once in MIA, we need to see inprovment in your XP Gain (We do have Situation Ranks but you MUST let us know).

(3) A total of 7 consecutive Inactive days without notification qualifies you for being Kicked from the Guild. This time frame is more than fair. It takes only a minute to log on and post a Chat or Mass Mailing...AND...this can be done from any computer.


(1) ALWAYS leave at least 3 open slots in the Guild Store house. This is to insure that any Group Attacks will be guaranteed room should a "drop" occur. The Group Leader should then take the "drop" into their BP (backpack).

(2) You may NOT store personal items in the Guild Store. That is why YOU have a Back Pack. The Guild already has the preferred equipment to provide it's members. All other stuff will be taken and dropped by leader.

(3) Buffs are an incentive for playing and leveling your character. They are not an entitlement because you are in a Guild. When you request buffs, be sure that you have at least 80% of your stamina available. Once buffed, you are expected to USE ALL OF YOUR STAMINA toward leveling at that time. There is no faster way to create ill will than wasting the stamina of another player. Stamina is the most prized possession in Fallen Sword. Without it, you can do absolutely nothing.

(4) Equipment is also a incentive for leveling. Equipment is given out to players who are active and growing. Equipment can also be recalled and given to more active players after 2 days of inactivity

(5) All recruiting is currently done through Kayesha1. Please refer to her if you are wanting to invite a player to the guild.