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Is there new player protection?

In essence, yes, there is. You can only attack :

  • players within 5 levels of your current level if you are below level 200.
  • players within 10 levels of yout current level if you are over level 200. Note however that if you are over level 200, you can not attack players below level 195.

For example:

If you are level 10, you may only attack players from level 5 to level 15.
If you are level 50, you may only attack players from level 45 to level 55.
If you are level 200, you may only attack players from level 195 to level 210.
If you are level 250, you may only attack players from level 240 to level 260.

Be warned! If you run around attacking people, they can place a bounty on you. If you are bountied, the level limit is removed and you can be attacked by any player for the duration of the bounty.

How do I get FallenSword Points?

Have your friends sign up with your recruiter link.

When someone joins the game via your recruitment link you will gain a variety of rewards as they progress throughout the game. to use your recruitment link, simply copy your link from your recruiting page and have them use it when they join the game.

Complete valuable offers for point rewards.

You can complete a variety of valuable offers and savings oppurtunities on the Points Rewards page. Please do be aware, however, that not all offers can be completed and not all offers will pay.

Pay with real money.

You can, of course, just buy them for as little as $5, even using cash! Purchasing Fallen Sword points is both easy and efficient and in buying them you know that the game will get 100% of your donation to help make the game even better. To buy points visit the FallenSword Points purchase page where you can buy points for as low as $5, even using cash!

Pay with gold.

Fallen Sword Points are bought and sold in-game on The Market Place. When using the market you can buy and sell your FallenSword Points for in-game gold.

Do larger items take up more space in my backpack?

No, the 'size' of an item does not matter. All items take 1 backpack space when in your backpack or 1 inventory space when equipped. The size of the picture has no effect.

How do I get more stamina?

When you start playing the game, you are given a stamina gain of 50 stamina points per hour, this provides 1200 stamina points per day. With the various upgrades listed below, you can increase your stamina gain to 103 stamina points per hour, giving you a total of 2472 stamina points per day.


Yes, we know, it's boring to just sit and wait. When you join the game, you gain 50 stamina points per hour, every hour. If you wait, your stamina points will refill.

Join a Guild

Guilds can purchase the Endurance Shrine that can increase your stamina gain by 15. If you join a guild with an Endurance Shrine at maximum level, you will gain an extra 15 stamina points per hour.

Upgrade Your Stamina Gain

If you have FallenSword Points you can upgrade your stamina gain on the Upgrades Page. You can upgrade your stamina gain to give you an extra 25 stamina points per hour.

Take Relics

Relics are special locations within the game, maintaining control of these locations gives you and your guild bonuses. Relics that provide a stamina gain bonus include:- Blue Chasm, Chaotic Symbol, Despair Crystal, Temple of Lightning, Temple of the Gods and the Udan Sun Orb.

Wear Items that Increase Stamina Gain

There are currently two (2) item sets that increase your Stamina Gain: the Gurgriss Set and the Maximus Set. There are also a handful of items that also add to your stamina gain.

Buy Stamina

Buying stamina is easy, but it can be addictive! If you have Fallen Sword Points then you can use then to purchase stamina on the Upgrades Page. 1 Fallen Sword Point will buy 25 Stamina.

How do I store gold?

You can put your excess gold into your bank account on the Bank Page. Any gold in your bank is protected and cannot be stolen. You should always bank your gold before you finish playing so that nobody can steal it while you are not looking. You are given 1 bank deposit per day when you start the game and you can upgrade to a maximum of 11 bank deposits per day on the Upgrades Page.

Each bank deposit can only store 25 % of your current, non-banked gold. So for example, if you have earned 100'000 gold while hunting, one deposit will only put at most 25'000 of those into your bank account.

How do I choose a good password?

As there has been some discussion on the forums recently concerning hacked accounts I thought I'd paraphrase the advice I give to the users at work here:

  • Never use proper names or nicknames! Pet names are as easy to guess as proper names. Never use a word which comes from a dictionary, in any language. Many people have made dictionaries of profanities, slang, popular television and movies, etc., in many languages. Do not use acronyms e.g. TGIF. There are many dictionaries of those.
  • Do not use anything which might be in some list (like Astronomical objects eg NGC897 or 3C273).
  • Make your password at least eight characters long.
  • Don't use an obvious combination such as a car model and its year; those are particularly easy to crack. Amateur radio call signs are also a bad choice.
  • Use a random mixture of upper and lower case, numerals, and punctuation. Today's password-cracking programs are very sophisticated, and computing power to run them is cheap and readily available to the "black hats" (the bad guys), so simply appending a numeral or capitalizing a word or name won't stop them. Substituting a zero for the letter "O", or a one for the letter "I" won't buy you much either.
  • A dictionary word with a single character (number, letter, punctuation mark) either in front or at the end is very easy for a cracking program to guess. You need to do better than that (use the form above!)
  • Don't combine unrelated words to form the password, e.g., "weLLcar"; and don't choose a common phrase and make an acronym out of it, e.g., "take a walk on the Wild Side" would become "tawotWS".
  • Finally, a "do"! One easy way to choose a password is to make up a phrase that is meaningful to you only, and then take the first letter of each word, e.g., "My sleepy lazy dog's name is Bozo!" would become "MsldniB!". It's even better if you vary the result by changing case and substituting a non-alphanumeric character or three as well (punctuation, brackets, and so on).
  • Never, never, NEVER tell anyone else your password. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. The game admins don't need it and should never need to ask you for it.
  • If for some reason your password has been found out by someone, change it immediately and submit a support ticket if damage has been done.
  • If you are using a shared computer eg in a library, always log out using the logout link and for good measure clear the cookie file after you have finished. If someone can grab your cookie file they can get into your account easily.