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Founded: 9/7/07 - 5/1/09
Founder: WolfEagle
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Site Management

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About the Guild

Established September 2007

We are an English Speaking International Guild

Guild Motto: We Support Our Own!

Guild Stats

Highest Level: 525
Highest Achieved Top 250 Guilds Rank: 52nd

Rest In Peace: Wolf and Eagle

The Time ticks by, as the clicks of my Cane echos back of the empty corridors and hallways of the once Grand Hall of the Wolf and Eagle Guild.

As I emerge from the Keep, I can hear the wolves in the woods they have Guarded while becoming our Wolf-Brothers and Sisters; howling their goodbye.

After listening a few minutes, I continue my final rounds; I look up, and see the Eagles take flight, as they have countless times before; to Guard our pathways and coastlines; This time you can tell by the angle of their flight - they know this is an ending.

After watching their beautiful flight, I continue down along the path that leads pass the Training Yards, No clink of Sword and Shield today!

Down on pass the barns, no that wasn't a horses nigh I heard; just the wind blowing through the doors.

On down, to the Library; where are all the Scholars? Normally you can't walk two step without tripping over one with his or her nose in a book. It is just quite, not even a page in the wind here.

On down, the path I go ...

Finally I come to the Gates themselves.

There is is over the Gates: We Support Our Own

I swallow the Lump in my Throat. I close the Gates and Lock them 1 last time.

Good Bye Old Friend. RIP: 9-7-07 to 5-1-09
You May be Gone, But Never Be Forgotten


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. . .

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Guild Membership

Currently Recruiting Fallen Sword Players Level 5 or Higher.

While any Guild Member can suggest another Fallen Sword Player for Membership, Only the Guild's Recruiting Staff can Approve the Applications.

Any Fallen Sword Player wanting to Join the Wolf and Eagle Guild MUST fill out an Application on the Guild's Recruiting Space on the Fallen Sword Forums: Click Here

When All Slots are Counted for; Either Recruiting will be Shutdown or The Requesting Player will be asked supply a (non-refundable) 20 FSP fee, to Create a new Slot!


The Tips

Here are tips from members of the guild that will save you time, gold, and confusion throughout your FallenSword and Wolf and Eagle experience. If you have a tip you would like to share, please contact a Council member to validate it, and then submit it to WolfEagle or myself to post it.

On Skills

  1. Save up your skill points until you have enough to spend maxing out a skill.

On Equipment

  1. Always check the guild store and report to see if equipment is available for your level.
  2. Always inquire with a more senior member before spending a lot of gold or FSP purchasing armor.
  3. Most common and rare (non-craftable) items are junk. Don't waste your time trying to sell or trade them.

Knight Council & Leadership (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Knight Council
Guild Founder


Viceroy of Wolves and Eagles


  • Grand Cross of the Guild


  • Guild Ambassador


  • Guild Treasurer


  • Guild Recruiter

  • Guild Quartermaster

AKRyans JoGreenway

  • GvG Knight Commander


  • Regent Knight of the Woods

FeralWolf DerekChris

  • Regent Knight of the Air

Elioath Phymnezius


Aip84, Auntbea, Bleupixie, Cryogenic, fighter234, T00, Thor421, Torawin, Valinaard, Zeleoric

All ranks are subject to change.
For a Description of the Ranks, Please goto the Ranks Section on our Guild page for current listing: Wolf and Eagle (Ranks).

Guild Structures

Structure Name Level Bonus Structure Name Level Bonus
Battle Totem 20/20 Attack +40 Bandit Camp 5/5 Master Thief +25%
Health Shrine 20/20 HP +85 Awareness Training 5/5 Protect Gold +25%
Armory 20/20 Defense +40, Armor +40 Training Room 10/10 Dodge +50%
Endurance Shrine 3/3 Stamina +15 Blacksmith 5/5 Master Blacksmith +50%
Thieves Guild 2/2 Thievery +40% Sustain Shrine 5/5 Sustain +25%
Weaponsmith 20/20 Damage +60 Crafters Workshop 5/5 Master Crafter +100%
Temple 5/5 Holy +50% Military Advisor 1/1 Group Stats Viewable
Shrine of Pain 5/5 Critical Hit +25% Fury Shrine 5/5 Buffs +25 levels
Tranquil Retreat 12/12 Max Stamina +240 Guild Registrar 3/3 Allows Locking of Items & Tracking
Destructive Shrine 6/6 Breaker +60% Preemptive Temple 15/15 First Strike +30%
Pentagram 6/6 Banishment +30% Combat Pit 25/25 Duelist +25%
Blade Master 6/6 Piercing Strike +60% Inventors Laboratory 10/10 Master Inventory +50
Protection Shrine 7/7 Protection +70% Crippling Shrine 25/25 Disarm +50%
Tavern 1/1 Time until next mercenary viewable

Guild Store

Please see Guild Paladins about any Questions concerning the Guild Store.
Note: Check the Store Report for the latest availabilty. The numbers listed under complete sets indicates full sets only. There may be excess of individual pieces.

Sets Sets Incomplete Sets Non-Set Non-Set