Wayward Priest

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520 Teotal (Golden Temple) (3,9) Mark of Omacaz



  1. Go to Start
  2. If you have not already completed Either Death or Glory, then complete it now to obtain Mark of Omacaz
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Sun Chamber Key
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Teotal (Chamber of the Sun) and kill 1x Snake Priest Ahuitz (Elite)
  7. Return to Start


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The Golden Halls of the Teocalli Temple is astonishing in its richness and ostentatious display of wealth and power. Walking the corridors of the Temple you see a Priestess, she radiates dissatisfaction like a fire.

The Priestess looks at you as if you are not quite there, 'I'm sorry but how did you get in here? Only the faithful are allowed to enter the Golden Temple of Teocalli.' You explain that the Young Attendant let you in because you retrieved the Feathers of Purity for her. At this the Priestess's face seems to drain of color, 'The Attendant was ordered to retrieve the Feathers of Purity! That's ridiculous, only warriors are to take them from the Serpents. The High Priest has been acting foolishly recently, I must have him removed. But I must be certain that you can make the kill. Go get a Mark of Omacaz to prove your strength. They are only given to Warriors of potency by the Priests of Omacaz found in the Teotal (Wild). Return to me when you have a Mark of Omacaz.'

The Priestess dismisses the Acolyte as you approach, 'Have you managed to gain the mark of Omacaz?'

The Priestess takes the Mark of Omacaz from you with mild interest. 'It is curious that the Omacaz faith puts so much on strength and combat prowess. It keeps the men strong enough to defend their villages I suppose. I am impressed that you managed to gain one so quickly. I am confident that you will kill the Snake Priest. But he seems to have gotten more paranoid recently as well as idiotic. He has locked the Chamber of the Sun and I cannot find the Key. I can only assume that one of the Living Idols of Teocalli has it. Find the Key and return to me when you have found the Sun Chamber Key.'

The Priestess paces, absently humming tunelessly to herself. 'Have you found Sun Chamber Key? It\'s probably on one of the Living Idols of Teocalli. Only with the Key will we be able to get into the Sun Chamber where the High Priest is skulking.'

The Priestess takes the key from you, 'Thank goodness you found it! Come, I shall open the Chamber for you. I have no wish to witness the death of the High Priest. Please return to me here after you have killed the Snake Priest Ahuitz (Elite).'

The Priestess waits for you impatiently, 'Have you Slain the Snake Priest Ahuitz (Elite)?'

The Priestess sighs heavily. 'He has lead us for years, but recently he has been amassing gold in extreme amounts and has been behaving very erratically. We cannot have the High Priest of our people abusing the trust Teocalli has given him. I must thank you for your dalliance in this matter. Please take this Amulet as a token of the Sun Snake, may you always walk in the Shining Light.' You receive 1,295,426 Xp + 1 x Ahuitz Amulet of the Sun.