Either Death or Glory

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517 Teotal (Wild) (9,10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Teotal (Honor Grounds)
  3. Kill 15 Nagual (Champion)s
  4. Return to Start


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On the wind you smell a sweet perfume.

The perfume becomes almost intoxicating when you arrive at the source. Before you is a blazing Alter with a Old Priest standing before it. The Priest turns to you as he senses your approach. 'The Death god has allowed you to come to the Crucible of Truth. Here only victory has any meaning – you must be a valiant warrior and the blood of fallen enemies pleases Omacaz. I shall offer you a trial to further prove you strength. Go to the Honor Grounds and slay 15 Nagual (Champions). Return here if you succeed.'

The Old Priest fuels the blazing fire of the Crucible, \'Have you proved your Honor by killing 15 Nagual (Champions)?\'

The Old Priest bows slightly, 'You have done well Warrior. The other Braves have fallen before the Nagual (Champions) and their spirits have been received in the Halls of Pride. Take this Mark of Omacaz to announce to all your acceptance by the all powerful War and Death god. You receive 1,040,412 Xp + 1 x Mark of Omacaz