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Follow the rules and we will have a nice time together!

  1. Be friendly towards your guild mates!
  2. Hunting is very important! Try to log in and deplete your stamina daily.
  3. List all the buffs you can cast on your biography. Please list the level at which you can cast them as well. If you do not list all the buffs you have in your profile, you will not receive any buffs from guild members.
  4. Please do not ask for buffs that you can cast on yourself, or buffs you don't need. Everybody is trying to gain new levels, and stamina is important to everybody. It is a waste of a buffer’s stamina to give you something that you can give yourself, or buffs you don't need.
  5. When asking for buffs, always specify which ones you need, and don't ask for buffs when you are low on stamina.
  6. You have to have 80% or more of your max stamina, in order to recieve buffs from the guild buffer or from other guild members.
  7. If it appears that you are wasting the buffs you have been buffed with by stop hunting half way through your stamina and not continue hunting without giving an explanation then you might be ignore from being buffed in the future, because it is a waste of the buffer's stamina.
  8. When you get buffed, say “Thank you!” It is rude to ask for a buff and then show no appreciation.
  9. Extra guild buffer rule:
    1. 2 buffs max per person.
    2. Manners - Pls and thank you is a must.
    3. Break any of our guild buffer rules and you will be ignored by our guild buffer.
    4. Be nice to our guild buffer, please!!!
  10. Tell one of the on-line guild founders if you're going on vacation and can't be active, and for how long you will be gone. Or you can just write in your bio that you are on vacation, and what date you will be back. If you do that and get the rank Elite On A Vacation, you are safe for a week after the day you are supposed to be back.
  11. If you have a problem for example internet or computer please try and get on using another computer and let some one in the guild know and if possible post it in your bio. Also use the Guestbook in the Guild website to let us know.
  12. Deposit gold at least twice a week.
  13. Inactive players get kicked fast, this is not a parking lot!
  14. No attacking fellow guild members
  15. No begging or demanding things from fellow guild members
  16. No attacking ally guilds
  17. No taking relics from allies
  18. Most important : have fun!

Help your guild

  1. If you can donate fsp to the guild that would be very helpful
  2. Please, do not ask guild mates for buffs unless you have almost full stamina.
  3. Please, if you ask guild mates for buffs - do not log off until you have used up all your stamina
  4. FSPs donated to the guild is used to upgrade the guild with things like new structures, more members and such. Every FSP donated to the guild will be used to make the guild stronger and thus also give advantages to all all our members.
  5. Gold donated to the guild is used to pay for the hourly cost of structures, and sometimes to hire mercenarys, everything is done to keep the guild strong so you as a member can have all the advantages our guild can give you.