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Arena Only Potions

Potion of the Golem Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Potion of Greater Sanctuary Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Potion of Pure Fire Lvl 90 Lasts 30

Potion of Entanglement Lvl 80 Lasts 45

Potion of Reverse Blade Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Potion of Death Blow Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Auction House Only

Potion of Reflection Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Potion of Skills Master Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Potion of Horror Lvl 80 Lasts 60

Potion of Unyielding Lvl 100 Lasts 45

Potion of Notched Blade Lvl 80 Lasts 45

Potion of Final Strike Lvl 100 Lasts 60

Guild Buff Guidelines: {Please read and follow.}

If you cant follow these simple guidelines, you will be ignored.

1. If I have less than 300 stamina please ask someone else.

2. Please use PM as I rarely buff from chat.

3. If you do not list your buffs or give guild buffs, or join groups, please dont ask me for buffs.

4. If you have 2k stamina or less, no Conserve.

5. If you have 2k stamina or less, you only get 20 stamina for buffs.

6. Please have close to full stamina if you are asking me for buffs. (80%)

7. No! I do not want payment. I do expect you to use manners. (please & then thank-you)

buffing takes stamina always make sure you use all of your stamina when buffed by guildies!

other notes

To anyone offering to make me an avatar. No Thank-you!

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