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There are two reasons for me to attack other players:
  • I'm a bounty hunter. So i will attack other players for bounty. Therefor i will always use 10 stamina attacks and i will send back the stolen gold on request. If there is an other one taking your bounty and will clear it before i will do so, just pm me and i will stop.
  • The player is more than 20 days inactive. In this case i will use either 10 stamina attacks to raise my PvP-rating and prestige or 100 stamina attacks if the player has more than 500,000 Gold.

There is no other reason for me to attack player. so if I'm on bounty board it was either an inactive player who got back or someone who got bountied and set a bounty on all bounty hunters. Please ask before taking any bounty on me, because i have many people who normally will clear them and i don't want to lose more XP and gold then necessary.
If you take my bounty though there is already someone on it i will pm you. If you don't stop attacking me then you will get bountied.


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