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Titan events are similar to Legendary Events, but are much smaller in scale. Titans appear in one realm at a time and each time they are killed, they instantly respawn in that same realm. When a titan spawns in a certain realm it stays in that realm until it is completely killed. Currently titan events always start at xx:00 and are announced on the home page, along with the realm the titan has been spotted in.

Titans do not provide drops like normal creatures (one chance of drop for each kill) but will reward the drop to the guild who got 50% or more of the total kills; unlike other creatures, titans only drop one item, this is in the form of an epic item. In addition, for every kill of a titan, every participating guild receives one Titan Kill Points (TKPs) per kill which can be saved up then used to purchase items on the Titan Rewards page. If no guild gets more than 50% of the total kills, 1st place also gets Titan Kill Points for their kills (instead of the item drop.)

Even more, the guilds that finish in 2nd through 5th on the kill-scale (or 1st through 5th if there's no guild with 50% or more of the total kills) receive bonus Titan Kill Points, depending on the final ranking (the percentages are calculated in regard to the number of kills / already received TKPs) :

  • 1st place : 100% bonus TKPs
  • 2nd place : 50% bonus TKPs
  • 3nd place : 33% bonus TKPs
  • 4nd place : 25% bonus TKPs
  • 5nd place : 20% bonus TKPs

Titans have an extra property called "Titan HP" - this indicates the total number of times that the Titan needs to be killed before it is completely defeated (as well as the number of kills remaining). Once the total is reached the event ends, the drop is awarded and the winner/item awarded/event end are announced on the home page.

When a titan spawns on a certain square it has to be killed a number of times (1-10) until it respawns on a different square. Being such huge creatures, titans are visible on the realm map so players can know where they are.


The first titan event was in May 2009 where Ogalith (Titan) and Fuvayu (Titan) where first spotted. There is some background information about the titan feature in the Fallensword Forums

The next wave of titans appeared in June the same year, when Skaldir the Chill (Titan) was first spotted.

September 22nd 2009: Tsukiyaomo (Titan) was added and on February 22nd 2010 Colossus of Gurgriss (Titan) was introduced.

With the addition of the first four Epic Quests of the game on March 17th 2010, four new titans were also introduced : Earth Guardian (Titan), Air Guardian (Titan), Fire Guardian (Titan) and Water Guardian (Titan).

With the addition of a series of connected quests in April and May, on 18 May 2010 the Deepwater Kraken (Titan) spawned for the first time.

On Guy Fawkes Night 2010 (Nov 5th) the Fawkes Wickerman (Titan) was presented. He only spawned during Nov 5th - Nov 19th 2010 as part of that event.

On February 18th 2011 the Guardian of Elements (Titan) was introduced.

Titans are now a regularly occurring event in Fallen Sword with as many as 2-5 titan events a day.

Titan Creatures

anigif2.gif The full list of available Titans can always be found in the titan category page