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Krul Beach Forest East (26, 9)

Pouch of Nepeta Cataria, Demonic Runic Tablet



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Krul Beach Forest Grove (6, 2)
  3. Go to Krul Beach Forest Cottage (2, 3)
  4. Go to Krul Beach Forest Well (9, 8)
  5. Go to Krul Beach Forest Cottage (2, 3)
  6. Go to Krul Beach Forest Well (9, 8)
  7. Go to Krul Beach Forest Cottage (2, 3)
  8. Go to Galo Caves (Level 1)
  9. Go to Krul Beach Forest Cottage (2, 3)
    • Minimum level 19 to continue
  10. Go to Dreg Swamp
  11. Go to Krul Beach Forest Cottage (2, 3)
  12. Go to Krul Beach Forest Well (9, 8)
  13. Go to Krul Beach Forest Cottage (2, 3)
    • Minimum level 20 to continue
  14. Go to Krul Beach Forest Vault
    • Defeat 60 Death Sigils
    • Talk to Senneth (9, 8)
    • Minimum level 21 to continue
  15. Go to Magic Circle (Western Minor Chamber) (2, 2)


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A cat walks out of the dense Forest and glares at you with large knowing eyes.

You greet the Cat and give it the catnip and are taken aback when the Cat nods and walks past you. It stops and looks over it's shoulder, you get the impression it wants you to follow it. You trail after it halfheartedly and it leads you to the Krul Beach Forest Snicket. It looks at you and gives a loud 'Meow', then disappears through the hidden path.

Follow the mysterious Cat through the Snicket

The trees of the Grove are so close that they almost make a wall on either side of the narrow path. The canopy overhead almost blocking all light from the sky above leaving only thin streams of light dappling the floor. In the ominous gloom you find the Mysterious Cat waiting for you with a supercilious air.

This place has an odd feel to it, a deep malice that is hard to ignore. You find the Cat sitting in the center of a small clearing. You do not enter the small clearing but wait for a moment at the edge. The Cat simply glares at you from the center waiting expectantly.

You take a step towards the Cat not certain why you seem to be drawn to it, when to the north you hear a deep gurgle. Horrified, you see a huge Slime creature oozing between the trees as if they were not there. It steps free of the forest and a massive green Golem towers above you. The foul smelling thing stares at the small Cat who looks up at the Slime Golem with large terrified eyes. The Golem growls in a low oily voice, 'Smuuuussshh Kitty.' The Golems large hand balls up into a fist and lunges at the cowering animal. Without thinking you strike out at the Golem and fell it with a lucky blow to the head. It falls dead to the soft earth and instantly seeps into the ground.

The Cat purrs up at you, but the celebration is short lived as you hear heavy foot falls coming at you from the forests dark depths...

You must defend yourself against the attacking Golems! Kill 25 Slime Golems.

Through the trees a wave of Slime Golems rush at you, you must kill 25 Slime Golems to live.

The last of the Golems falls before you. Turning, you are surprised to find the Mysterious Cat sitting there looking up at you quizzically. Smiling, you tickle it's chin and it gives a warm purr of gratitude. It's large eyes then pulse unexpectedly with an eerie light. You instinctively draw your hand back. The Cat then turns and walks deeper into the dark Forest.

Follow the Mysterious Cat to the Center of the Grove.

You find a Cottage that is surrounded by a tall stone wall. Lamps hang at regular intervals around the outside shining a harsh golden light within the gloom. Set in the south facing wall is a large stout gate with strange glyphs carved deeply into it. The Mysterious Cat ambles confidently through the gate, you push and it gives way with a sharp squeak.

Walking through the gate, you find a neat cottage surrounded by a rich garden of herbs and flowers. Standing in front of the thatched cottage, a young woman dressed in long black robes smiles pleasantly at you.

The young woman strolls up with a natural grace and you smile back at her. She touches your arm gently and you relax instantly, in calm tones she says. 'Welcome Warrior, my name is Cor Odio. I see Tenetur has taken a liking to you, she is not easily impressed. I congratulate you.' Your heart swells at her words, you smile down at the Cat encircling Cor Odio's feet.

The young Woman continues in her melodious voice, 'I see that you are not the unthinking mercenary that wanders these woods from time to time. You are not fettered by the assumptions of the small minded, hampered by their narrow view of the very world around them. Sorry I'm assuming this, am I incorrect that you cannot think for yourself?' You balk at her question, you answer, 'Of course I can think for myself.' She nods encouragingly and her eyes twinkle in the dappled forest light. You gain strength from her attention and say, 'I take the world as I see it and I react accordingly. I can make my own decisions due to my experience through life.' Cor Odio grins broadly at you.

She leans in close, 'Words of such wisdom are rare from the strong. You are unusual, I am honored to meet you Warrior. The thing is I am beset on all sides by Slime Golems. Can you help me with this? Golems are not a natural occurrence, they are built by Mages. There is a Circle of Mages who are determined to destroy me. They clothe themselves in pretty words and ensnare the unwary with their cleverness. Would you let them murder me and my little kitten Tenetur?'

You look around and see nothing but a pretty cottage with a well tended garden, why would anyone want to hurt someone like Cor Odio? You answer her with conviction, 'No, is there something I can do to help against these Mages?' Cor Odio steps back from you, then says in her gentle musical voice. 'I need the base component for the Slime Golems, please find it so I can build an effective defense against them. I shall stay here until you return.'

You return to the walled Cottage, Cor Odio greets you warmly. 'Good to see you again Warrior. Have you discovered the base component for the Slime Golems yet?'

The dark robed woman takes the shell from you and inspects it closely. She gives you a sharp look, 'Are you sure this is the base component?' You don't like her tone and say, 'The magical runes carved into it seem to point to a spell...' as you finish you find your certainty begin to waver, you don't actually know if this is the base component of the Golem. Cor Odio looks at it again, then mutters, '...carved into it...' She runs her finger over the surface of the shell, then smiles broadly. 'Yes, I get it now. Simple really.'

She gives you a warm smile and says in her musical voice, 'Thank you Warrior. You have done very well. I see that you are a force to be reckoned with. But I need to test your resolve. As we experience the world it shapes us. I need you to be a little more potent before I send you onto the next task. Please kill enough Slime Golems until you have grown stronger, then return to me here.'

Destroy Slime Golems until you have gained Level 15

You receive +600 Current Stamina.

Cor Odio smiles at you as you return, 'It is good to see you again, have you gained more power through killing Slime Golems?'

The pleasant young woman nods, 'I am grateful to you Warrior. With their numbers whittled down, the defenses I have set will last longer, which is more help than you would know. Now that you have gained in strength I have another favor to ask you. It is not an easy task, but I feel that you could manage it. I require you to take the Burning Soul Ember from a Fire Imp, you will find the Imps in the Galo Caves. I'm sorry to say but the Galo Caves are quite a trek from here, but I have a solution.'

'Below my Cottage is a cave complex, the dark tunnels are perfect for water to pool, so I use it for my well. It's very handy.' Cor Odio then gives a long exasperated sigh, 'Unfortunately the combination of cold water and darkness also attracts Gloom Specters. I'm not sure why they like my Well but they just do. They are quite off putting but they do have one fantastic ability which is to move over great distances, as only the Undead can walk their light-less paths. But, I have found a way to gain access to these paths. Take this Krul Dark Iron Key Recipe and give a Key to the Waykeeper in the center of the tunnels below. The Waykeeper will unlock the path to the Galo Caves for you where you will find the Fire Imps.'

You receive 1 x Krul Dark Iron Key Recipe

Climb down into Cor Odio's Well and give a Dark Iron Key to the Waykeeper, travel to the Galo Caves and take a Burning Soul Ember from a Fire Imp, then return to Cor Odio.

Within the choking darkness you find a spirit chained to the cold floor dressed in blood red robes.

The head of the Waykeeper tilts to one side as if listening, then in a hollow voice the Spirit says, 'The Galo Caves Witchway is now open to you Warrior. Watch your step...'

Enter the Galo Caves Witchway and take a Burning Soul Ember from the Fire Imps for Cor Odio.

Cor Odio waves you over, 'Have you managed to acquire a Burning Soul Ember from the Fire Imps in the Galo Caves?'

She takes the flaming gemstone and holds it up the the light, 'It is magnificent, thank you Warrior.' Cor Odio then gives you a sideways glance, 'I will give you 200 gold for getting me the Soul Ember. Would you be interested in making more money? If so give the Waykeeper another Dark Iron Key then travel to the Dreg Swamp. There you will find a Fire Golem, bring me it's Fire Heart Core.'

'Legend says that the Golems come from a Volcano, this gives the impression that Golems might be natural. This is of course nonsense, but I need to discover the true nature of where these Golems spawn from.'

You receive 200 Gold and +600 Current Stamina.

The air in the Well is unnaturally cold, it seeps into your bones and makes your joints seem stiff. The Waykeeper looks up at you and whispers in it's hollow voice, 'Do you have another Key?'

The Waykeeper's head lowers momentarily, then the Spirit murmurs, 'The Dreg Swamp Witchway is now open to you, watch your step Warrior...'

You return to the Cottage and find Cor Odio chatting happily to Tenetur who is drinking in the attention. 'Hello Warrior, have you managed to get the Heart Core for me yet?'

You hand the seething metal box to Cor Odio. For a moment there is a flash of hungry triumph in her eyes as her fingers wrap around the metal cube. Then the memory of the Waykeeper springs uninvited into your thoughts. The Spirits hollow words, ' your step Warrior...' linger.

'Warrior,' Cor Odio's tone shatters the thought. 'Something on your mind?' Her eyes are as hard as flint as she spits out the phrase. 'As I was saying, Golems are constructs, thus unnatural. They are the favorite tool of Mages, but this is not the clumsy workings of those meddling fools. The intricacy of the spell weaving is far too fluid. Mages love their ridiculous geometry and logic. They hem in the Realms within their straight lines, so that they can command all those within for their own schemes and petty ambitions. But we shall resist them, will we not Warrior!'

Cor Odio then gazes back onto the Heart Core, 'I see the workings of a powerful and ancient mind written on this device. It would do me well to find out who that is. Return through the Dreg Swamp Witchway and go back to the Dreg Swamp. Search the Realm for a way into the Depths of that unexplored region. I would guess that whomever crafted this would want to remain hidden from view. Find out who crafted this artifact and I shall reward you well Warrior.'

Find out who made the Fire Heart Core, then return to Cor Odio.

You receive +600 Current Stamina.

You return to the Cottage and Cor Odio greets you warmly, 'Good to see you back Warrior, have you found the name of who built the Fire Heart Core?'

You hand the stone Tablet to the young woman, her jaw clenches in irritation at your silence.

With words edged with anger she says, 'What is this?' You squirm under her disapproval and say, 'The Creature who made the Fire Golems would not tell me it's name, but said this Tablet would give an indication who it was.' Cor Odio's face softens, 'Creature you say...' She then looks at the rune on the Tablet. After a moment a frown crosses her face. 'This is a rank of Demon, a very elevated one at that.' You nod, flinching at the terrifying memory of the Tar Creature glaring at you.

Cor Odio almost drops the tablet in shock, 'Are you telling me that you actually met this Rank of Demon and survived?' You breathe deeply against the memory, then say, 'I get the impression I only lived because it found me amusing in some way, but yes, I met the Creature. It was terrifying and not something I care to repeat.'

The young woman eyes you with new consideration, she says in words dripping with honey. 'A Warrior who does not hide behind tall tales and bravado is a rare find. You did not find the name but that is not surprising. The name of a Demon is used in the ceremony of binding I'm told. But now I know that Demons are constructing the Fire Golems, the only question is why. But I shall discover that myself. Now take this Odio Spectral Gloves Recipe as a token of my thanks.'

Cor Odio hands you a scroll, then gives you a cunning smirk. 'You know, if we can't find out who the builders of the Fire Golems are directly, maybe we should have a chat with someone they know. Go back through the Galo Caves Witchway and return to the Galo Caves. You should find a Lesser Fire Demon within the Caves. You might need to look in the lower levels of the Caves to find them, but they are there. Now, Demons can vanish from one location and appear in another, but they require an element of their original Realm as a foundation for the ability to function. The Lesser Demons will be carrying such an element. Get me whatever magical item the Demons have on them, I shall be waiting here for your return.

You recieve 1 x Odio Spectral Gloves Recipe

Enter the Well and use the Galo Caves Witchway, find the Lesser Demons within the Caves and bring back whatever magical item the Lesser Demons are carrying for Cor Odio

Cor Odio smiles at you, 'Welcome Warrior, have you taken whatever magical item the Lesser Fire Demons are carrying?'

She takes the flaming gemstone from you, 'Ooooo this is pretty.' She holds it in both hands, closes her eyes and concentrates. After a few moments Cor Odio opens her eyes, 'The spell weaving within this object is like a work of art. I need more time to unravel all it's beauty. I can't tell the origin of where the Demons come from but I do see another rank of Demon inscribed on it. The Abomination in the Dreg Swamp is a weird Goblin-like Creature. Do not underestimate it, the Abomination might look like a mere goblin, but it is a Demon nevertheless.'

She looks at the gemstone in her hands with unmistakable admiration, 'The Demons are powerful, but they do have their flaws. Arrogance is one which we do find particularly useful. Within the magical weaving there is an obvious connection to the Abomination's life essence. Astonishingly, the Demons used the same key for both Demons. This would mean nothing normally, but if we acquire the Abominations life essence as well as the Fire Demons I can unravel the spell weaving.'

She holds up the gemstone, 'We already have the Demons essence contained within the gem itself, we just need the Abominations to solve the riddle. I can remember having dealings with the Abominations in the past, they dwell within the Dreg Swamp. Search the Swamp for the Abominations and bring me it's Beating Heart.'

Enter the Well and use the Dreg Swamp Witchway, find the Abominations within the Dreg Swamp and take the Abominations Beating Heart and give it to Cor Odio.'

You return to the Cottage and find Cor Odio binding some flowers to put in a vase, 'Welcome Warrior, did you bring me the Abominations Beating Heart?'

She smiles as she takes the grotesque object from you, 'Mark my words Warrior. If you wait long enough, they always get what they deserve.' Her voice is cold and brittle as she says this. You get the impression there is a history between Cor Odio and the swamp demons. But without another word she bends down and draws a circle in the garden path. Then with an ease that only comes with wisdom and practice, Cor Odio inscribes precise and intricate symbols around the circle. You watch her trace the arcs and smooths lines that forms a web of interlocked patterns.

She finishes her task quickly, places the Burning Key Gem inside the circle then holds the Heart over it then squeezes it with both hands. Thick green blood slowly oozes out of the Heart and hits the Gemstone beneath. As it does, the pattern around the circle flares with energy, then ripples slowly with an inner light.

Cor Odio sighs contently, 'Now we shall see where these Demons come from.' She closes her eyes again and hums gently to herself. Slowly she reaches out and touches the pulsing pattern and immediately goes quiet.

You look down at her fingers and see the light pooling around them, then realize that she is not breathing. You grit your teeth as time passes. The veins on her throat begin to rise and a redness flows over her pale features. She is beginning to suffocate before you. You are about out to reach out to her to snap her out of whatever trance she is in, but stop yourself. She is well aware of what she is doing and you sit back down and wait.

The moments slowly tick by, after what seems like an eternity she suddenly snaps her fingers from the glowing pattern and gasps for breath. The intricate pattern drains of light, then fades from view leaving only the circle with the flaming Gemstone sitting on the garden path.

'Well now, the tales are not all without merit. The Demons are from a volcano and they use long underground tunnels burrowed by past lava flows to move about unseen. Clever really. One of the lava tunnels opens up under the Galo Caves and they crawled up to the light from there. But I now know who they are, and with that knowledge comes power. But I also witnessed how they are entering the Realms of the living.'

She chuckles mirthlessly, 'Everyone is so fixated on the Arcane, they forget the other disciplines. The Demons had wards constantly searching for Mage Scrying, my Craft went unseen and ignored. So I could walk about unhindered, as I did I saw the Summoning Circle at the center of the burning mountain and felt the flow of magic coursing through it, keeping the portal open. Now I know that Mages are sneaky, but I didn't know that they could be utterly stupid as well. The Demons have managed to ensnare an entire Circle of Mages to keep their Portal open. They are using Twin Bloodstones as a conduit. And to make matters even worse, these Mages have been turned into Undead. So the portal can stay open indefinitely! Exceedingly clever really. Now, demons can be useful, but we can't have them running about unchecked. I need you to put a stop to this.'

'You will need to give the Waykeeper another Iron Key to unlock the Snow Forest Witchway. Take this Tarnish Charm Recipe and destroy the Bloodstone in the Snow Forest (North). With the Bloodstone gone the Undead Mages will not be able to channel their magic into the Summoning Circle and the portal will collapse. Return to me when you are done.'

You receive 1 x Tarnish Charm Recipe and +600 Current Stamina

The Waykeeper sits in the darkness of the well. It raises it's head slowly and in a hollow voice filled with regret it murmurs, 'Do you have another Iron Key for me?'

You hand the Dark Iron Key to the spirit. It's jade chains tinkle as it takes the Key from you, 'The Snow Forest Witchway is now open to you, watch your path Warrior...'

Enter the Snow Forest Witchway and destroy the Bloodstone there with the Charm Cor Odio gave you. Remember to read the Charm recipe and collect all the components you require for the Charm...

You enter the Snow Forest North and are faced with a familiar biting cold. You walk the lonely wood and the snow crunches underfoot. In a large clearing you find a tall Scarlet Crystal.

The Bloodstone pulses with energy, the air around it is charged with power. You wonder absently for how many hundreds of years the Undead Mages have fed the red rock. You hold the black crystal of the Tarnish Charm against the side of the Bloodstone. The thirsty stone quickly absorbs the Charm and immediately starts to emit a high pitched ring. You take a step back and then see an inky dark flower within the depths of the Crystal.

Behind you, you hear a scream from an enraged Skeletal Mage and you turn and run. Before you have taken half a dozen steps from the Bloodstone, you hear a shattering crash of breaking glass from behind. You don't have to look to know the Bloodstone now lies in pieces in the snow.

You should return to Cor Odio and tell her of your success

You receive +600 Current Stamina.

Returning to the Cottage, you find Cor Odio sitting in her garden reading a scroll. 'Ah, Warrior. I was just catching up with some reading. Did you manage to use the Tarnish Charm on the Bloodstone in the Snow Forest North yet?

Her eyes twinkle with mischief, 'So how did that go?' You smile at her childish levity and say, 'When I used the Charm on the Bloodstone it shattered into pieces.' Cor Odio stares at you unblinking in utter shock. 'I'm sorry - what happened?' Confused you retell the tale of destroying the Skeletal Mages and building the Tarnish Charm. When you used it, the Bloodstone shattered into pieces almost immediately.

Cor Odio frowns and looks at her feet for a long moment. You get the sudden impression you have done something wrong, but Cor Odio looks up at you over her scroll in wonder. 'It was not supposed to shatter, just leak large amounts of the arcane energies the Ice Mages were feeding it into the aether. This does mean...' She picks up a small wooden bowl and fills it with water from a well used watering can. She places the bowl onto the garden path and quickly inscribes a complex interweaving pattern around it. She takes a copper coin and places in on to the pattern and it evaporates instantly. The water within the bowl then changes from clear water into a deep reddish colour that shines in the forest dappled gloom. You see Cor Odio's face reflected perfectly in the waters surface as she gazes into the depths of the small bowl.

You see her eyes narrow, then she suddenly stands and kicks the bowl in rage, 'I see their techniques...' She suddenly stops speaking and hugs herself tightly, 'I must not delve too deeply into the paths of Mage Magic. Their logic is a seduction into pride and foolishness. But I do see the line of their thinking now. It has taken so long, but I do see the patterns they form. But now I can start to unravel their workings.'

Cor Odio smiles pleasantly at you, 'I have you to thank for this Warrior, you do so much with little reward. But if I succeed, I shall reward you greatly. Now I understand how their spells work I have seen through some of their wards. Through a small crack in their walls I saw briefly into a treasure room of Mages, it is not far from here. Mages meddle with the raw powers that drive the Realms very existence. Just near by they have a vault of Mage Runes. I don't know why they are there, who can really understand the crazed minds of Mages. But they have a chamber filled with Death Sigils. What possible good can having a room filled with death essence do for anyone!? Enter the Krul Beach Forest Grove and find the Vault. Shatter 60 of the Death Sigils. I shall wait for your return.'

The Vault is warm and dry, torches shine a clear yellow light along the stone halls of the Vault. Ambling through the Vault a Mage dressed in blue robes calls to you, 'You there... Stop what you are doing...'

The Old Mage gives you a sideways look, 'Warrior, where are you going in such a rush, why don't you have a cup of tea?' You stop for a moment, but shake your head and turn to go. The Old Mage steps close to you, 'My name is Senneth, I am Warden to this Vault. Just stay a moment.' You halt then say, 'I'm sorry I must go.' the take another step to the exit.

Senneth then grabs you, 'Warrior, can you stay? I mean, do you have the capacity to make that decision any longer?' Surprised at the Old Mages words you say, 'Of course I can stay if I want!' Then the words seep out, 'I'm sorry I must go...' Shocked you turn and take another step to the exit. Annoyed you dig your heels into the stone floor of the Vault but again the phrase comes unbidden, 'I'm sorry I must go...' and you take a step to the exit against you own will.

Senneth suddenly appears in front of you and gently raises his staff, then starts to mumble. You see pretty lights appear around you and feel warm and safe. Senneth stops mumbling but the lights still dance around you. You follow their glowing paths and listen to the soft tinkling sounds they now make. 'Warrior, please hold this Runestone. It will make you feel much better.' You take the small pebble with the glowing blue rune carved into it and suddenly sleep wells up in you and you feel yourself falling into soft gentle clouds. A calm darkness swallows you whole.


... ...

You wake to find yourself laying on the floor. Senneth smiles at you, 'How are you feeling now Warrior?'

The Old Mage nods, 'Good, you should be up and about in no time.' You then see your arm is stretched out and a spell rune encircles your palm. In horror you see jet black blood draining from each of your fingertips and is being collected in a metal bowl resting in your palm.


Senneth murmurers in a soft even tone, 'Don't worry Warrior we'll soon have that hex all out of you, the poison has almost stopped. I haven't had to change the bowl in 10 minutes now, that's a very good sign so just relax, it'll all be over soon.'

A short time later Senneth gives you a clear potion, 'This will cause any hex left inside to thicken and your bodies natural defenses will expunge that from you. I'm very sorry but this is not a pleasant experience.' You drink the potion and almost immediately you feel sick. You double over and start vomiting black goo. Panic rises within you but Senneth lays a gentle hand on you. 'It's all right Warrior, this is the final leg now.' In time the vomiting slows until the blackness turns to a blood red.

At the sight Senneth claps in triumph, 'Excellent Warrior, we came to blood!' He then pours a vile tasting green elixir immediately down your throat, 'That will stop the internal bleeding, now just take a breath and we can have a good chat when you're feeling better.' You smile and drink the water he hands you, feeling better would be good about now...

Senneth smiles, 'Are you feeling better now?'

The Old Mage guides you to your feet, 'Steady now, you have been through an awful shock. Can you tell me who you have been talking to? If you can remember that is.' You see kindness reflected in his eyes and suppose if he meant you harm you would be dead by now. You say simply, 'I spoke to Cor Odio and she gave me some tasks that she needed doing.' Senneth frowns, 'I'm sorry, you spoke to...' His eyes go wide in fear and astonishment. He then continues in hushed words, 'So she still lives! That's amazing. Her power must be truly unimaginable.' You look dumbfounded back at the old Mage and simply say, 'Just go in and see her. She's sitting there in her Cottage with her cat Tenetur.'

Senneth gives you a sharp glance, 'I'm sorry, but you are speaking of powerful Creatures known only to me in Legends of old as if you met them yesterday. In ages past a Witch of terrible power stalked the Realms. Her name was hidden and she walked unhindered and unmatched. The most powerful Mages of all the Realms came together to try and figure out a way to stop her. They named her Cor Odio because they had to call her something. That was the first Magic Circle. They failed. Now, remember we are talking of Mages of old here. They were hugely powerful as the Realms were young but with all their talents and potency, even they failed in killing Cor Odio.'

'So what you cannot kill you trap. They laid a horrifying runic lock on her Cottage. The lock cancelled all spell weaving of any kind and formed a magical barrier that held Cor Odio in place. It was so powerful that all the Circle combined could not even glimpse through it. Even they themselves didn't know how they managed to weave the spell. It is assumed that either Osverin or Lindarsil or maybe both had blessed them in their task. But they did succeed in imprisoning the Matriarchal Witch. They thought it would give them time to figure out how to kill her once and for all. But she is sly, if she could not leave she would make sure no one could enter.'

'At the first full moon Hollow Spirits seep through the gates of the cottage and place Curse Lamps to kill anyone who comes near to their walls. Anyone who tries to stop them dies either by the Curse Lamps or the Shades themselves. Thus, she turned the tables on the Circle. They could not see what she is doing with their own Runic Lock, but she made sure she was safe from all intruders with her Curse Lamps. A stalemate has existed between the Circle and Cor Odio for years uncounted. We all assumed that she had withered and died. Many have said that Cor Odio actually never existed, that it was just a tale invented by the Circle to establish a power base. The only reason we still keep the locks in place is because the Circle has the duty enshrined in the foundational codex of the order itself. Only the old and worn out Mages maintain the Runes. If you get the assignment, you are either being punished or being put out to pasture waiting for you to die. That was my role here.'

'Talking about Runes, may I ask how many Death Sigils you shattered for Cor Odio?' You reply, 'I destroyed 60 Runes.' Senneth pales slightly, 'Well now, I can see why Cor Odio chose you as her tool for her plotting. I shall have to re-cast the Runes, I shall return after I have done that.'

Senneth greets you, 'I have recast the Death Sigils, so the vault is now complete again. But I have a request for you, will you think about it?'

The Old Mage blinks at your blunt acceptance of his words. You get the feeling the old Mage gets generally ignored. He flusters a bit at your polite silence, he mumbles 'Well, ummm. Yes. I get the impression that you do not fully realize what has actually happened to you. I think others in the Magic Circle would be interested in what you have to say. Would you consider accompanying me to the Magic Circle and having a chat with one of the high ranked Councilors?'

You simply nod in acceptance. The Old Mage smiles back and murmers a few words and flicks his hand almost as an afterthought. Behind him a portal flares into life. You momentarily consider the complexities in casting such a spell and the apparent ease that Senneth did it. But you dismiss the thought as he gestures you into the light. 'Come on now, we best not keep them waiting. Meet me in the Magic Circle (Western Minor Chamber)'

You enter the small chamber, Senneth stands nervously in the center waiting for you.

The Old Mage says nothing but lowers his head slightly, you stare blankly back at him. He leans in close and whispers, 'Follow my lead Warrior, there is a certain way of acting within the Circle. Just blundering in and shouting your mouth off will just get you polymorphed into a frog. In the Circle, we Mages rule and we do not appreciate being interrupted. So watch your step. Now take this Note of Admission and give it to the Warden Golem. You will find the Warden in the Courtyard. Do whatever the Golem wants, he can be grumpy, so be polite.'

When you have satisfied the Warden Golem meet me in the Audience Chamber just off the Courtyard.'

You receive 5,340 Xp, 1 x Note of Admission and +600 Current Stamina.