The Treasure of Nualgiath

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830 Nualgiath Forest (Ascent) (2, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Nualgiath Treasure Cave (2, 2)


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You encounter a group of Dwarven travelers. You notice you and approach. 'Hey, have you heard about the treasures that lay hidden beneath this area? If you help us find the treasure, we will give you a percentage of it.'

'A cavern exists in the center of this realm, however it is blocked by a magical spell. We believe the Ice Nixie hold the key to vanquishing the spell.'

You arrive back at the Dwarven travelers. 'Did you manage to find anything on the Ice Nixies?' They ask.

You hand the Ice Fragment to the travelers who examine it closely. 'I sense there is a strong magical energy emitating from this crystal fragment. However, I don't think this is all. There is something else. The Ice Maiden must be the key to removing the magical barrier.'

You arrive back at the group of Dwarven travelers. 'Did you manage to slay the Ice Maiden?'

A smile emerges across the dwarves faces. 'The magical barrier should now have dropped. We should now travel to the cave and recover the treasure. We'll meet you there!'

You arrive at the location of the fabled treasure. There is a large chest before you.

You open the chest and rake throuh the contents. The dwarves take their share from the chest and you take one of the remaining treasures which includes a gleaming amulet.

You gain 3,509,159 XP and 'Amulet of Nualgiath'.