The Path of Union

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447 Caves of Kreth (Level 7) (7,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Black Stone Tablet from Kreth Goo Cube
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Caves of Kreth (Level 8) (15,3)
  5. Obtain Grasping Hand from Kreth Cave Hands
  6. Return to Caves of Kreth (Level 8) (15,3)
  7. Go to Caves of Kreth (Level 9) (3,11)
  8. Obtain Heart of Malice from Kreth Visage Minion
  9. Return to Caves of Kreth (Level 9) (3,11)
  10. Go to Caves of Kreth (Level 10) (2,13)
  11. Obtain Gaunt Head from Kreth Gloom Gaunt
  12. Return to Caves of Kreth (Level 10) (2,13)
  13. Go to Chamber of Kreth (7,7)
  14. Kill 1 Dark Visage of Kreth (Elite)
  15. Return to Chamber of Kreth (7,7)


  • 1,333,533 XP

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In the dark you see a glimmer of light.

Before you is a shimmering ghost of a man dressed I long robes. 'I have lost my way, there is a barrier which I must pass. But I cannot remember the key. I know this makes little sense to you but please help me. I cannot rest, I have lost much. I do remember scribing something important on a Black Stone Tablet, but it was such a long time ago. I am sure it's on this level, but I cannot see it on the floor. Please bring me this Tablet, I can then attempt to find peace.'

The Specter hovers in the dark, 'Have you found the Black Stone Tablet, I'm sure it around here somewhere.'

The Specter takes the Black Tablet, 'Thank you Warrior, you have done me a great service. This is indeed the Tablet I wrote so long ago. It is an incantation of a ward which I cast, and like all other spells it needs ingredients to work. These ingredients are the source of the spells power, but also it's weakness. The ward may be broken if these ingredients are thrown into it. As a protection these ingredients are always hard to get or exotic. May I ask you to help me further, and get these ingredients? The first in on the next level. I shall meet you there if you choose to help. If not, may you find happiness in life.'

The Specter beckons to you, the Spirit has a look of resignation.

The Specter holds the Dark Stone Tablet in one hand, 'I'm pleased you have decided to help me. The Ward calls for “A grasping hand”, this is to symbolize the hunger for life. I'm sure that you will find this in this area.'

You find the Specter floating aimlessly, 'Ah, there you are. I feared that you might have changed you mind in helping me. Do you want to find the first ingredient?'

The Specter takes the hand, 'Thank you Warrior, with the other ingredients I can destroy the ward. Please meet me in the next level where I think we shall find the next ingredient.'

You find the Specter floating aimlessly, 'Ah, there you are. I feared that you might have changed you mind in helping me. Do you want to find the second ingredient?'

For the first time you see the Specter smile. 'You are a rare person Warrior. The second ingredient is a Heart of Malice. This is to symbolize the rage that we feel against our mortality. Again I feel you will find the ingredient within this area. Good luck Warrior'.

The Specter waits for your return, 'Have you found the Heart of Malice?

The Specter takes the Heart with obvious distaste, 'I am in your debt my friend, I just hope I can repay you for you kindness. There is just one more ingredient to find and the ward will fall. I shall meet you in the next level if you choose to follow my path.'

After a search you eventually find the Specter in a corner of the cave. 'I'm sorry but I cannot face the Ward. The Tablet has dragged up some painful memories for me. I am ashamed of this weakness, but one must take their journey at a pace they can cope with. Will you help me with the last ingredient?'

The Specter draws a deep breath, 'I was fearful that you would tire of this journey, I am glad I was wrong. The last ingredient listed on the Black Stone Tablet is a Gaunt Head, this is to symbolize obedience to your chosen fate. Gloom Gaunts frequent this area, they are from the very Shroud itself. This makes them a formidable opponent. Please be careful.'

The Specter hangs in it's dark corner, 'Have found the Gaunt Head?'

The Specter takes the last ingredient, 'With these ingredients I can weave the spell to break the Ward. Will you accompany me on my final steps on this journey?' At your silent nod the Specter shimmers slightly, 'Come, let us go to the Chamber of Kreth'.

The Specter Stands in the air before you. 'I have searched for centuries to be here. It's almost a dream that I am here now. I am forever in you debt Warrior. This is the final place of rest for me. I have one last request of you my friend will you listen to it?'

'Through some choices I made in life it has lead me here. Please put an end to the pain I am in. The final step in this journey is to rid the world of Dark Visage of Kreth (Elite).'

The Specter Stands greets when it sees you. 'Have you destroyed the Dark Vistage of Kreth (Elite)?'

The Specter begins to fade, 'The former self I had in his greed sought to dominate death and amass power. To do this I had to separate my nature. So only the dark mask of my character remained in my body. A Dark Visage. But this anchored me to the material plain and I could not escape into the afterlife due to half my essence being here. Now that the Visage is destroyed I can move on. Thank you Warrior.' Kreth fades from sight into peace. You gain 1,333,533 XP