The Final Stand

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355 Morukan (3,9) Complete the Exiled Warriors quest and have the Death Mark



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Morukan (9,1)
  3. Go to Kings Chamber (2,1)
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Glitter Mine Depths (12,2)
    • Talk to Thol


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Rintar's assistant approaches you. 'Is Rintar having any headway with his books?' you ask, 'I have some confusing facts, of a treaty and beings living below here but nothing that combines the elements, I'm missing something.' You grunt, 'Can you look at this, it might explain something, I tore it off one of those Underlings you spoke of.'

Rintar's assistant takes the object and looks at it for a long time. 'This is GorGulGol's mark, he is the Death god. If the Underlings follow the Death god, and we use lore given to us by them, then we are dabbling in Necromancy. Surely not! The King would know of this. The Old King agreed to the Treaty. We were not to enter thier realm and they gave us Lore as payment. You must find proof of wrongdoing before we act. Go ask the King's permission to enter his chamber. Nobody is allowed in but the King, but he might overlook me. Give him this Scholars Rune and think of something.'

The King is sat on his throne which dominates the whole room. As you draw near you see an odd greyness to the Kings complexion, it reminds you of Hak. You bow low as you approach the throne, 'Why are you here Warrior? I have not summoned you!'

The King looks down with disinterest at the rune, 'What does Rintal want now?' You shift nervously under the Kings steady eye, thinking wildly you say in as steady a voice as you can muster, 'Sire, Rintal wants permission to retrieve the book you borrowed a while ago.' The King sighs, 'Permission granted, it's on the far bookcase.' You bow again, hardly believing your luck and depart quickly for the Kings chamber.

The Final Stand The King's Chamber is sumptuous, you look with only vague interest at the opulence, your eye drawn to the book case in the far wall. Walking up to it you pick up a random book. The book is entitled Animation of Flesh. Stunned, you open it and skim read the first chapter, it describes the preservation of human flesh. Repulsed, you close the book, you then see the mark of GorGulGol embossed on the cover. A shout from behind you wakes you from your stupor. The King is furious, 'Put that down!' he screams.

Calmly you say, 'You have betrayed your people, you are dabbling in Necromancy, defend yourself. As you draw your weapon you think to yourself: Rintal Assistant's will know what to do if I survive this.

You return to Rintar's assistant. You give him the King's book. He only looks at it with vague interest. 'It does not surprise me, I found the treaty between the Dwarves and the Underlings, they gave us GorGulGol's lore and we used it to make Golems. That's why the workers in the Workshop appear so weird, the Necromantic spells they use every day is slowly eating at them. We were so grateful to the Underlings that we apparently did not look too deeply into the source of the gift they gave for agreement not to enter their land. Strange to think that the life essence of worms drive our most powerful weapon. How did it go with the King?'

'I see. That's certainly decisive, from notes I found in a misfiled Kings diary, he sought to increase the power of the Heart of Gem. His thinking was to increase the power of the Golems through a more powerful Heart. The defeat of the Golem army against the Ancient Horror still stings. But Necromancy rots the brain, it's no wonder the last generations of Kings have been a little off, just like the Workshop crew. We should have noticed, you must go to the leader of the Traitors and tell him, he is the next in line to the throne. He must have seen it, we just thought he was trying to usurp the throne, find him quickly or you will not get out of here alive.'

Even within the cold depths of the mine Thol still commands respect, he waves you over. 'What did they say above about your discovery, did they believe you, or are you here to join the exiled?'

You describe what happened in the King's Chamber, Thol looks at you in stunned silence, 'You must take your rightful place, to guide your people in the coming times.'You add breathlessly. Thol Replies: 'You say you found books on Necromancy in the Kings own bookshelf, and Rintal's Assistant has documentary proof of what this treaty was?' You nod, 'Well I must do my duty, if they will accept me. I'm sorry but you must leave this place, immediately, you have done a great service to my people, but you also killed the King. Take this Hammer, it will mark you as one of the King's Guard. You will then be able to get out of Morukan unhindered. Good luck my friend.' (You gain 565,517 xp, and 1 x Hammer of Thol.)