Exiled Warriors

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355 Glitter Mine Depths (12,2) Complete the quest Research Assistant



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Death Mark from Underling Acolyte
  3. Return to Start


  • 414,713 XP

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The Glitter Mine Depths are a lot darker and more rough looking, this is the working face for the Dwarven miners. The Miners move around with sullen determination, as those who have to work rather than those who want to. You see the Miners give each other furtive glances, fear is thick in the air. The Mine in one particular shaft is wreathed in darkness. You enter and can just make out a figure seated on a barrel. As you get closer to the shadowy figure you hear it laugh gently, 'You are one who is not afraid of the dark.' Light flares from a lamp at the Dwarves feet. 'I am Thol, Captain of the Royal Guard, why are you here?'

Thol chuckles gruffly, 'I haven't laughed so much in months, those Underlings are followers of the Death god. They made a treaty with the Royal Dynasty of Morukan years ago, if you don't believe me, go take the Death Mark from one of these Underling Acolytes around here. Maybe you can convince someone in Morukan that the King is mad. He called us traitors and forced us down here when we confronted him about his evil research. Return here when you have the Death Mark.'

The mines are laid out in a logical fashion, The corridors obviously following the veins of Gold. Thol is waiting on his barrel, 'Did you find proof that we are not liars?'

Thol claps, 'Well done my friend, now what are you going to do with it, who is going to believe you?' You smile to your self, 'I know an old Dwarf who would just love to see this artefact.' Return to Rintar in the Museum, see what he has to says about your discovery. You gain 414,713 XP.