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If you need to customize this template to fit your own needs, copy the code into a fresh template and work from there.

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How to Use

This template allows you to make a short link that searches the auction house for a specific item.

If no parameters are specified, the link will only take you to the Auction House. However, if the item name is given, it is important to note that there cannot be any spaces. If the item does have spaces in the name, they must be replaced with + to work. For example if you are making a link to search the Auction House for a Rune of Decay, you would put it into the template as Rune+of+Decay. The template now automatically replaces any spaces in the item name with + so the link will properly work.

Code Output
{{AHshort|}} [1]
{{AHshort|Rune of Decay}} [2]

Alternate Templates

  • Template:AHshort - A quick Auction House link that takes very little space on a page.
  • Template:AHlong - A longer Auction House link that permits a description of the destination.
  • Template:AHplayer - An Auction House link that takes you to a player's auctions.