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How to Use

This template allows you to make a link that goes to a specific player's auctions.

If no parameters are specified, the link will only take you to the Auction House. The first parameter is the Player ID. To find yours, go to the bottom of the Auction House and you will find a link containing your Player ID. Your Player ID is the number after &tid= in the link. To find someone else's Player ID number, go to their game profile page. Here you can find it in the URL at the top of your browser search bar. The other player's ID number is at the end right after player_id=.

[url=http://www.fallensword.com/?cmd=auctionhouse&type=-3&tid=699681]Check out my current auctions here![/url]
Code Output
{{AHplayer|PlayerID|description}} description
{{AHplayer|699681|My Auctions}} My Auctions

Alternate Templates

  • Template:AHshort - A quick Auction House link that takes very little space on a page.
  • Template:AHlong - A longer Auction House link that permits a description of the destination.
  • Template:AHplayer - An Auction House link that takes you to a player's auctions.