She Who Walks the Rows (Legendary)

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Ambox_content.png This is a Legendary Creature
Legendary creatures are only available for hunting during Legendary Events. During a Legendary Event, the available creatures and the areas/caves they currently inhabit are posted on the home page.
This creature is not normally available.



A nameless demonic entity who manifests each Oidhche Shamhna at the bidding of the Cult of the Corn, a evil cult that dwell in secret in rural areas that are away from prying eyes. The Demon is known only as She Who Walks the Rows by her followers and once summoned She begins her yearly reaping of the souls of innocent people, that she drags back to the shadows with her once Oidhche Shamhna ends.


Name: She Who Walks the Rows (Legendary)
Class: Demon
Rarity: Legendary
Level: 1775


XP: 2,501 2,757
Attack: 20,775 20,851
Defense: 296 486
Armor: 359 423
Damage: 32,807 32,857
HP: 10,797 11,099
Gold: 161 239


Piercing Strike: 60 70
Critical Hit: 60 70
Breaker: 80 100
First Strike: 100 100
Hypnotize: 100 100
• [[]]: 100 100


Corn Doll
Recipe of Dark Harvest Corn Shield
Recipe of Dark Harvest Corn Sickle


Gelorath Caverns (Bug Nest)
Gelorath Caverns (Sepulchre)
Gelorath Caverns (Fracture)
Hyrom Forest (Troll Lands)
Indormar City (Gladiator Pits)

Hunting Information

  Attack Defense Armor 1 Hit Dam. 2 Hit Dam. 3 Hit Dam. 4 Hit Dam. 5 Hit Dam. 6 Hit Dam.
Stats to Beat: 486 20,851 32,857 11,522 5,973 4,123 3,198 2,643 2,273
Target Stats: 538 23,047 36,317 12,714 6,580 4,535 3,513 2,899 2,491