Seal of Worth

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352 Morukan (14,8) Complete the quest Crystal Harvest



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Shimmer Blood from Crystal Worms
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Morukan (17,9)


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You walk back into the workshop, you see Golems in various stages of completion. After admiring the obvious craftsmanship of the Golems you approach the group of Dwarves working on a large bench. Before you get too close, a Dwarf in a red cap shouts at you, Sorry stranger, we don't just talk to anybody you know. You gotta get proof you're worth talking too! These are hard times we can only trust a few.

You walk up to the rude Dwarf in the red cap and shove the Seal of Tal into his hands. You say not too kindly, And who am I talking too, are you worthy of me learning your name? The Dwarf looks down at the bright seal in his hand with disbelief. You are unnerved to see his fingernails are all blackened, and his skin has a gray unhealthy sheen. I am Dargon, Chief Crafter of the Hearts, and if you are so liked by Tal, then maybe you should go back down his precious Fire Gem Halls. We need Shimmer Blood, it's harvested from the Crystal Worms, come back to me when you have some. Happy hunting. He laughs as he turns from you.

The bright lights of the Workshop hurt your eyes as you return form the Fire Gem Halls. Dargon looks up from his work to see you coming, Have you got the Shimmer Blood?

You slowly hand over the Shimmer Blood, watching the thick lump move in your hands. I see you are wondering why the blood does not run out of the beast like ours, but congeals into soft lumps. The Beast is made of rock, it is the minerals of the rock that make it go thick as soon as it hits the air. The golden colour is due to the worm feasting on the Gold deposits in the un-mined regions of the Grumbling Mountains far below us. We don't mine that deep for fear of waking the Ancient Horror that sleeps below Morukan. If you want to learn more, go talk to Hak the Binder by the back wall.

Hak is not hard to find, you actually hear him before you see him. He is chanting on some sort of pattern picked out by tiles carefully laid into the floor. As you look at the pattern you feel very uneasy, but you don\'t understand why. Also you see two piles of gem stones, one blue and the other yellow.

Hak turns slowly on the spot, as if in a daze. His appearance shocks you. He has a red cap like Dargon did, as well as a full beard as all Dwarves do. But his skin is almost grey, it has an almost papery appearance. You resist the urge to recoil form the frail looking Dwarf. Hak gazes at you, you stammer I was wondering about the Shimmer Blood ... Hak's head tips to one side, then he says in almost a whisper, It is used for the Binding, please I must concentrate, go to the Museum and bother Rintar with your questions. Oh whilst you're at it, give him this Docket for the records. You gain 444,789 xp and 1 x Docket.