Crystal Harvest

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352 Morukan (15,2) Complete Merchandise



  1. Go to Start (15,2)
  2. Go to Fire Gem Halls (13,13)
  3. (At this point you can't continue without completing Merchandise)
  4. Go to Cutting Room (2,1)


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Before you is a worn iron-bound door. You feel the eyes of suspicion from the other Dwarves in the large Workshop stabbing your back. You knock loudly, you hear faintly, 'Who is it?'

From behind the door, you hear the grinding of a heavy bar being moved and the door swings open. A goggled Dwarf pokes his head around the door. 'If Tal sent you, you're fine with me. He's a good boy, head firmly secured on his shoulders that one. I'm constantly needing good people, nobody wants to go into the Fire Gem Halls with all those creepy creatures, young folk have no backbone these days. I need you to go and get some Raw Crystal. Come find me in the Cutting Room when your done.'

The Fire Gem Hall is a very odd place, Blazing blue stones sparkle in the rock all around you, you reach out to grab them but they are too fragile and snap in your hands. You travel deeper into the Halls. Within the darkness you hear a large rustling, but move on. Something is down here with you, in the dark. You are just about to give up when you see a light in the distance. As you get nearer you come across a large growth of the beautiful blue crystals.

You were worried that you might need equipment to get the crystals, but they snap off with little effort. Kor in the Cutting Room will want to get these.

The look the Dwarves give you in the Workshop has not changed as you walk through with your crystal in hand. The stairs down from the workshop are narrow but eventually you come to a small room with Kor working by a huge bench. He doesn't stop from his work, 'That you back so soon, did you find some Raw Crystal?'

You walk you to the bench and gently place the Raw Crystal beside him. Kor stops at this and quickly picks up the crystal and looks at it through a large magnifying glass, 'Well, well, my friend, you know how to pick your Crystal! With an eye like yours you can be very useful. Those heart makers in the Workshop are weird bunch. The whole lot have always been a little 'off'. Here take this Seal of mine and tell them I sent you, and you'll get no trouble from them, and maybe you'll get a job.' You gain 407,723 xp and 1 x Seal of Tal.