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Scavenging is used to hunt certain types of creatures in the caves. You hire a scout with gold to go to one of two caves: the Mystic Cave and the Ancient Cave.

Mystic Cave
Ancient Cave

You can choose to pay the scout to take you to either of the two caves. Within the caves you discover creatures which you will then go into combat with. Note that when in combat with creatures found via scavenging, you will not gain or lose any gold, stamina or xp (other than the gold paid to the scout), however it is possible to obtain the item drops normally (ie. this represents the item you have discovered in the cave after defeating the creature). Your Kill Streak will not increase or be lost while scavenging. Skills and Enhancements work as normal and your equipment will take durability damage as per normal combat.

Cost and Finds

The cost of each search is up to the player, note that the higher the player is willing to pay, the higher the chance the scout the player hired will find higher level creatures (that give better drops). The player can find several creatures (even Super Elite creatures, some found nowhere else!), and creature drops.

Creature Battles

For every scavenging search you will find exactly one creature. If you win, you will either get an item or nothing. If you have active buffs, they will come into effect during battle. If you happen to lose a battle, you dont lose anything (Probably because if a level 1 player found a level 65 Burrow Grub, it would be unfair due to the level and stat difference.)

Because most players generally scavenge more than once - usually repeating the same search over and over - there is the option to Multi-Scavenge. Besides the cave and the gold amount to give the scout, you also choose the # of times to repeat the scavenging, then hit Go. The selected number of searches will automatically take place, provided you have enough gold to cover all of them. You will be shown a summary of all the fights - creatures encountered, battle result (win/lose) and items dropped (if any). Note that the item drops are automatically delivered to your backpack, provided you have enough space ; if during a multi-search your backpack gets full, the rest of the potential item drops are automatically discarded.

Payment & Drop Table

This table lists recommended payments for various drops. To have a chance to enounter a certain creature you need to spend at least the amount of gold specified in the Min Gold column. Higher level creatures (with better drops) require a higher amount of gold. There are no guarantees that a certain payment leads to a certain creature - but you do get a chance to enounter every and any creature with a minimum gold requirement less or equal than what you paid the scout ; for example, if you pay 15000 0.png in the Mystic Cave, you will encounter a creature ranging between Blood Gazant and Gore Face Orc (see table below.)

Cave Min Gold Creature
Mystic 1 Rogue Dojo Dummy
Mystic 2500 Blood Gazant
Mystic 5000 Unglag Beetle
Mystic 10000 Elf Warrior of Zelhill
Mystic 12000 Cave Crawler
Mystic 15000 Gore Face Orc
Mystic 20000 Brotherhood Crusader
Mystic 20000 Rock Golem of Dazar
Mystic 25000 Stone Troll
Mystic 25000 Throthnir the Rune Smith (Super Elite)
Ancient 2500 Cave Troll
Ancient 5000 Goblin Spearman
Ancient 10000 Cave Grofflesnout
Ancient 12000 Cave Elemental
Ancient 20000 Cave Goatman
Ancient 25000 Azehma the Dwarf (Super Elite)

Legendary Creatures

Sometimes, legendary creatures are spotted in the caves. During these events, normally taking place on weekends, it is extra beneficial to go for rare items.