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353 Morukan (2,8) Complete the quest Seal of Worth



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Glitter Vain Mine (8,6)
    • Talk to Dwarf
  3. Return to Start
    • Talk to Rintar
  4. Obtain Bone Necklace from Underling
  5. Return to Start
  6. (At this point you must be at least level 354 to obtain the fragment)
  7. Go to Glitter Vain Mine (12,16)
  8. Return to Start
    • Talk to Rintar


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The Museum is filled with shining display cases and statues depicting heroes of dwarves you have never heard of. You wander through the huge room looking around in wonder, wishing you could read Dwarven. Eventually you discover Rintar behind a wide desk, covered with papers. Behind him you see a large painting of a magnificent city wreathed in flames and a huge dark beast stood in the centre as if bathing in the destruction.

Rintar jumps at the sound of your voice. His jovial face shines up at you. 'Oh my, you gave me a start, ah the Docket of Numbers. Been talking to the Binder have you, weird little chap, always looks asleep. Needs a good honest pint if you ask me, that would straighten him out.' He then returns to his work. When you don't leave he looks up at you slowly. 'I was wondering about the Shimmer blood, what's it used for?' you ask. Rintar looks back at you in astonishment, 'You want my opinion? Well that's a first. Shimmer Blood is the medium of trapping energy and fusing that energy into a Fire Gem, in the process it turns from Blue to Yellow. It then becomes a Heart of Gem, which drives our Golems. Now help me with my research. There are reports of savages appearing in the Glitter Vein Mine, go see if it's true.'

The mine is not as dark as the Fire Gem Halls, for lamps are hung from the supporting struts that keep the mine roof and walls from collapsing. As you explore deeper into the mine you see hints of figures staying just out of sight, as if hiding. Chasing these shadows begins very quickly to annoy you, you are just about to give up when a shout causes you to halt in your tracks.

You run toward the shout, turning a corner you nearly trip over a Dwarf who is standing over a strange man dressed in a loin cloth. Victory is blazing in the Dwarves eyes. 'Many thanks stranger, the little rascals were concentrating on you, they forgot about little old Glorm.' He shoves his pick axe head tighter onto the savages throat. 'Why you here if you don't mind me asking?' You retell the story of Rintar's research and Glorm gives you a sideways look. 'Well, if it's Rintar and his books, then it's got to be important. Go tell the pen pusher that the Savages are all very real, don't know why he didn't just believe our reports!' Feeling rather foolish you leave Glorm to tying up the Savage, you should return to Rintar and report your findings.

You find Rintar at his desk, apparently rearranging paper into piles.

Rintar listens intently to your every word, 'Well, that's amazing. So hand over the artifact.' Rintar's hand reaches towards you. For the second time today you feel rather foolish. 'So you discover a Savage man in our Mines, and don't bring me something of his belongings for me to study! How am I supposed to find out anything about him? Go back and get something for me to study!'

After the the hunt for the Savage man you return to Rintar, he looks up from his papers. 'You have an artifact from the Savage man for me to study?'

He takes the Bone Necklace in his fingertips, looking intently at it. There are strange runes carved all over it. At these he squints, 'Err, these look familiar, I just can't place them. Come back later when I have finished. Go to the Nuzron Caves, tourists just love them. That'll give me time to research these runes.' When you don't leave Rintar sighs, 'What does the picture mean?' you ask, the old Dwarf straightens slightly, 'Ruzdum was destroyed by the Ancient Horror, we hid in the Mountains and built Morukan, and the King came up with the Heart of Gem. We made an army of Golems to destroy the Horror, it killed the army and dug under Morukan where it sleeps to this day. Or so history tells us.' You nod, then turn, those caves might be interesting.

  • Note: you must be level 354 to continue the quest from here otherwise Rintar will NOT give you the Necklace Fragment*

You return to the Museum, you begin to suspect that Rintar might live under his desk. The piles of paper have now been replaced by thick dusty books.

Rintar looks up from one of the over-large tomes, 'Ah, there you are, during my research into those runes I have actually found a hole in our History.' He shows you a book, pages are clearly torn from it. 'This is the only place where it details something to do with underneath Morukan. We naturally think that the Ancient Horror that destroyed Ruzdum is sleeping there, but maybe that's not true. Go back to the Glitter Vein Mine and find one of those Savages, give him this Necklace Fragment of the Bone Necklace you acquired, maybe he'll explain something we don't know.'

The mines are now becoming familiar, the Savages are still staying out of sight. They are not wanting to be seen, but as you turn a forgotten corner you come across one hiding in the shadows with nowhere to run.

The Savage takes the fragment and examines it intently, 'You know the Underlings? Then you will know of the broken treaty, I shall give this necklace fragment to the grieving Widow, it will ease her pain.' You are so bewildered by his words that you don't see him slink off into the darkness. Rintar will want to hear of this broken treaty.

Research Assistant Rintar is sitting at his desk, waiting for you.

You repeat the conversation you had with the Savage. Rintal gets more and more agitated. Then you mention the word, Underling. He pales. 'The Underlings are a tale we tell to our young, they are real! You must go into the Glitter Mine Depths and see what has got these Underlings so worked up. Watch those Glitter Mine Depths, you have to quite strong to enter, you might need to train a bit before you can get in. I shall investigate this treaty you mention. Watch for the Traitors, they are rumored to be down there. Maybe they have something to do with this. Take this Seal, it will prove that you mean no harm, if you find something out, speak to my Assistant.' You gain 599,820 xp.