Renewal of Strength

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436 Gorgon Isle (East) (14,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Soul Shard from Petrified Warrior
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Cursed Heart from Petrified Warrior (Champion)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Gorgon Isle (East) (2,15)
  7. Return to Start


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In an isolated corner of the Island, you come across a hunched figure.

You walk you confidently up to the Figure, when the Old Woman turns her face to you, you realize you mistake. The Sea Hag's withered hand snatches out and grabs you, 'A nice young Warrior, who obviously wants to help a helpless old woman. Too bad I'm neither! But I am very worn from the Hexes I've been casting lately. I need to re-gain potency. To do this I need some items, you'll get them or I shall lay a curse on you so vile that it'll follow you into the after life! Go get a Soul Shard from those pathetic Petrified Warriors. Return when you have it.'

The Sea Hag awaits your return, 'You got the Soul Shard yet?'

The Hag smiles up at you, 'Good, now for the Cursed Heart. The Petrified Warrior (Champion) was a foe who always fought with all he had. Pity it did him no good. Go get me the Cursed Heart from one of those overconfident fools.'

The Sea Hag looks vaguely disinterested as you return, 'I don't suppose you managed to rip the Cursed Heart from one of those Petrified Warrior (Champion) have you?'

You hand the grotesque woman her prize. She takes the cold heart in her gray papery hands, 'Well, they were easily defeated in life, they obviously were of no real threat in death if you managed to defeat them. I'll put both items into this pouch. Now you travel west and you'll find an Obelisk. Drop the pouch at the base of the Obelisk and bring me back the Dark Essence Orb.' You gain 1 x Vile Pouch.

You walk acorss the bleak Island, in the distance you see a pale finger of rock.

The Obelisk is a evil thing, you throw the Vile Pouch at the base. A dark stain oozes from the shadows of the evil monument. It un-nerves you and as you turn to run it suddenly covers you in darkness. The pain of life being torn from you drives you to your knees. There is a dark murmer on the wind, you can't hear what it says, but you can guess it has a foul intent. Just when you think the pain will consume you, it fades. The pouch the Old Hag gave you is gone. Replaced by a small glass orb with black smoke swirling in it's depths. The Hag will want her evil treasure. When you give it to her, you may be rid of her at last. You gain 1 x Dark Essence Orb

The Sea Hag Seems to be gathering her strength for a walk when she freezes at your return. 'Do you have the Dark Essence Orb from the Obelisk?'

The Sea Hag's ancient hand takes the small evil object. 'I didn'texpect you to return warrior. You must have a strong fate upon you to survive the pull of the Shroud. Well nobody can say I don't pay my debts. Take this trinket. My name is Lishka and I may see you again. If you're really unlucky.' You gain 796,574 XP and 1 x Lishkas Trinket.