PvP Prestige (Skill)

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Name: PvP Prestige (Skill)
Skill Type: Potion Only
Description: +1% XP gain increase per point vs. creatures.

User Notes

This skill can only be activated through the Attack Player screen and is not available through potions or by leveling up. --Isakus 17:01, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

For every inchoate 50 points of PvP-Prestige you earn, you'll get 1% in this Prestige skill. I.e. with 101 Prestige points earned, you'll have a 3% skill available. Consider attacking players with higher PvP-Rating than yours - you'll ean more Prestige than by attacking players below your PvP-Rating. --Ghafla 10:20, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

In Game Update v1.6493 (21/01/2010): PvP Prestige is now gained as a fixed amount based on the type of attack (+10 for a standard attack, +1 for a bounty). Remember you only gain if you initiated the attack and were victorious. PvP Prestige can now only be gained from the same player once every 7 days. PvP Prestige can no longer be gained from inactive players (last login > 30 days). No prestige gain from PvP against your own guild members. PvP rating will no longer effect the amount of prestige gained per combat. The Top 100 players on the PvP ladder will recieve a weekly bonus.

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