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Something about me

I found Jesus Christ at May 2007. He gave me a new life.

I don't need drugs, alcohol or cigarettes anymore...

Me at Fallensword

I started fallensword 27th April 2007.

I am a founder of Christian People guild

I play for the guild, but I'm allways willing to help also other people.

I'm not giving free FSPs or like that, but if you need a piece of advice, just PM me...

I'm retired from leveling since march 2009 at lvl 386, all those levels thereafter have been reached through xp gain.

I use my stamina for buffing guildmembers and sometimes random people, I might sell buffs aswell if I need quick cash.


I don't do PvP outside of bounty board.

I'm allways using 10 stam hits.

I try to keep my PvP rating high for not to take too much PvP when completing bountys.

Super Elite Hunting

If you find me online I may hunt your SE for reasonable price. I have several FI potions in my backpack.


Skills for sale
Image Name Points Price
26_b.gif Doubler 100 (3x) 15k
19_b.gif Adept Learner 145 20k
3_b.gif Berserk 145 25k
20_b.gif Librarian 145 20k
17_b.gif Treasure Hunter 145 25k
7_b.gif Dark Curse 145 30k
9_b.gif Enchanted Armor 145 25k
5_b.gif Enchant Weapon 145 20k

More to come when I get lvl 250...