Ossrilan Demon

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This demon operates like a form of Succubus, she casts her spells that send human or beast into a kind of day dream. The enchanted souls then experience their deepest desires and the most wonderous pleasures. To the outsider it appears that the effected person has gone mad, eating mud and filth when the victim believes they are eating a delicious banquet, talking to animals as though they talk back, but of course they really don\'t. There\'s no cure and the demented eventually die from exhaustion, it is very upsetting to the victims family and friends, but absolutely hilarious to the Ossrilan Demons who seem to grow stronger with this small amount of Chaos.


Name: Ossrilan Demon
Class: Demon
Level: 707


XP: 2,478 2,488
Attack: 4,326 4,490
Defense: 2,508 2,688
Armor: 5,515 5,707
Damage: 2,378 2,478
HP: 17,928 18,184
Gold: 264 336


Dodge: 10 20
Disarm: 10 20


Boots of Vodralle
Rune of Xarell


Ossrilan Labyrinth (Cistern)

Hunting Information

  Attack Defense Armor 1 Hit Dam. 2 Hit Dam. 3 Hit Dam. 4 Hit Dam. 5 Hit Dam. 6 Hit Dam.
Stats to Beat: 2,688 4,490 2,478 23,891 14,799 11,769 10,253 9,344 8,738
Target Stats: 2,972 4,963 2,739 26,109 16,059 12,710 11,035 10,030 9,360