Ormr Claw Assassin

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The Ormr Dragon is a potent denizen of the Forest of Ral. The Ormr Dragon is far smaller than normal Dragons but it's much more dextrous and has a fighting style which is more hit and run, than brute strength. It scythes it's opponents with it's claws and disappears back into the forest only to return with another deadly attack. Inspired by the Ormr Dragon the Ormr Claw Assassin uses the the city and the ultra sharp Bracer Blade to cut down their chose targets with cold blooded tenacity. No amount of begging will stop the slow and painful death.


Name: Ormr Claw Assassin
Class: Elf
Level: 506


XP: 1,774 1,784
Attack: 1,221 1,367
Defense: 4,365 4,511
Armor: 1,929 2,013
Damage: 2,351 2,529
HP: 9,863 10,427
Gold: 290 310


Critical Hit: 19 20
Dodge: 19 20


Amulet of Harmon
Armor of Tullom
Boots of Salore
Gloves of Kal
Helmet of Tortrin
Ring of Sparlon
Rune of Promilth
Shield of Uthdran
Sword of Athon


Ralthien (Northern Quarter)
Ralthien (Garrison)

Hunting Information

  Attack Defense Armor 1 Hit Dam. 2 Hit Dam. 3 Hit Dam. 4 Hit Dam. 5 Hit Dam. 6 Hit Dam.
Stats to Beat: 4,511 1,367 2,529 12,440 7,227 5,489 4,620 4,099 3,751
Target Stats: 4,987 1,511 2,796 13,645 7,883 5,962 5,001 4,425 4,041