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Joined: Apr. 28 2007
Name: OneMember
Medals: 0_1.gif 1_1.gif 5_4.gif 8_2.gif 9_3.gif
Guild: Siam
Allies: Anataas, Cadel, JJkorkia, conan2006, JJkorkia,kessu, Phoenician, Rashiel, Tulituisku
Enemies: None



Started FallenSword at April 2007, and been fighting my way up since then.
Been in my current guild all my FS time, and I was ranked as Guild Founder,
but as I'm not actively playing anymore, my rank is veteran (sotaveteraani).

Player Bio

I´m a 25 year old guy from Finland.
I like RTS, FPS, RPG, MMORPG etc games. Want to try every game thats fun to play =)

Name means

Even I have no idea...
I got much feedback when I used my old online nick because it was hard to write (for english speakers).
This was the only name I could figure out so I started to use it. Haven't had any need to change it after that.


...for sale

Image Name Points Price
Offense Skills
3_sm.gif Berserk 165 10k
7_sm.gif Dark Curse 165 10k
2_sm.gif Fury 165 10k
47_sm.gif Keen Edge 165 10k
0_sm.gif Rage 35 10k
33_sm.gif Shatter Armor 165 10k
48_sm.gif Spectral Knight 165 10k
32_sm.gif Wither 165 10k
Defense Skills
37_sm.gif Constitution 165 10k
55_sm.gif Summon Shield Imp 150 25k
Specials Skills
19_sm.gif Adept Learner 165 10k
39_sm.gif Conserve 165 20k
20_sm.gif Librarian 165 10k
21_sm.gif Merchant 165 10k
17_sm.gif Treasure Hunter 165 10k to order

  • Look at my Last Activity time to see if I am near my pc.
  • I will buff you ASAP. Will take a min or two if I need to change my gear (to get 100% sustain).
  • If you don't pay, I (and maybe my guild) will not buff any of your guild members or allies n the future.

Bounty Politic

I try not to spend my stamina at the Bounty Board, but there is still change I will visit there often.

If I don't know why the bounty is at the board I will ask that can I clear it.

  • will use 10 stamina hits.
  • will give stolen gold back.
  • If you are low lvl and want me to clear it (to avoid exp lost), I will not give reward or gold back because high bounty ticket requirement.

Allies and Enemies

My Ally list is for good friends only.
I had three enemies but they are all banned now. Will add you there, if there is need for that ;)


We only accept Finnish players... sorry.
Rules and other stuff is at our guild´s website.

Special Notes

Thank you PKoti69 for the spelling lesson =)