Jumbo the Clown (Legendary)

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Ambox_content.png This is a Legendary Creature
Legendary creatures are only available for hunting during Legendary Events. During a Legendary Event, the available creatures and the areas/caves they currently inhabit are posted on the home page.
This creature is not normally available.



Jumbo the Clown once an entertained children of all ages. Now all run from him. Jumbo sold his soul for fortune and fame, but instead was cursed. He was transformed into a child eating demonic version of himself. Often hiding in children’s closets or under their beds waiting till the time is right to strike. The last thing anyone hears when jumbo begins to feed is his high pitched laughter... and the honk of his nose.


Name: Jumbo the Clown
Class: Demon
Rarity: Legendary
Level: 675


XP: 3,968 4,192
Attack: 1,761 1,907
Defense: 88 210
Armor: 9,673 9,805
Damage: 3,129 3,223
HP: 14,572 15,228
Gold: 273 327


Piercing Strike: 22 44
Reinforced Armor: 22 44
Critical Hit: 22 44
Breaker: 22 44
First Strike: 22 44


Jumbo Toy Box
Recipe of Jumbos Leotard
Recipe of Jumbos Shield


Heitwar Bastion (Great Hall)
Ravaged Forest (Clearing)
Eltwier Fortress (Entrance)
Eltwier Fortress (Great Hall)

Hunting Information

  Attack Defense Armor 1 Hit Dam. 2 Hit Dam. 3 Hit Dam. 4 Hit Dam. 5 Hit Dam. 6 Hit Dam.
Stats to Beat: 210 1,907 3,223 25,033 17,419 14,881 13,612 12,851 12,343
Target Stats: 233 2,108 3,563 27,157 18,741 15,936 14,533 13,691 13,130