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What is Inventing?

Inventing allows you to create potions and items from recipes. All the recipes you currently know can be seen on the inventing page.

Using Recipes

You can obtain recipes by purchasing them in a shop or from creature drops. Once a recipe is in your inventory, you click it to learn it. Each recipe can only be learned once but can be used indefinitely.

To use a recipe, select it from your inventing page. This will take you to a page that shows you exactly what items and components are required to use that recipe.


Components are extracted from resources which can be purchased at shops or obtained through creature drops. To attempt extracting from a resource, just click on it in your backpack. There is a chance of extraction failing, and it varies from resource to resource.

Success Rates

Once you have all the necessary items and components for a certain recipe you can try and invent the resulting item. There is a chance of inventing failing. Each recipe has a certain success rate.

Level Percentage
Extremely High 92.5% to 100%
Very High 85% to 92.5%
High 70% to 85%
Above Average 60% to 70%
Average 50% to 60%
Below Average 35% to 50%
Low 20% to 35%
Very Low 2.5% to 20%
Extremely Low 0% to 2.5%

Extraction success rates are not yet known.

Useful Buffs

Inventor increases the success rate of inventing. Inventor II gives a chance that items and components will not be consumed (completely or partially) when inventing. When extracting components from resources, the Extractor buff increases the success chance of that extraction.

When farming for ingredients there are several buffs that help :

  • for resources, Resource Finder increases the chance of a resource drop;
  • for (sometimes used in certain recipes), Quest Finder increases the chance of a quest item drop;
  • generally for all items, Find Item increases the chance of an item drop.

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