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Name: Resource Finder
Skill Type: Special
Level: 800
Description: Increases the chance a resource item will drop. (If you fail to obtain an item, an extra roll is given for Resource Finder at a fixed percentage based on the points allocated to the skill. If this second roll is successful, you will obtain one of the available resource items drops (if any)). Note if you have Quest Finder active as well, this roll takes place after Quest Finder and only if Quest Finder fails to obtain an item.
Stamina: 25
Duration: 90 Minutes

User Notes

According to player research, the fixed percentage is 0.15%. In other words, Resource Finder offers a fixed +0.15% per point chance on getting a resource drop. (Taking that into account, the max. modifier would be +60% with 400 points)

This buff is vital when farming for plants or doing quests that require getting a lot of resources (to extract components from those resources, for inventing.)

09:33, 18 March 2011 (UTC)