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The Army of Darkness
Founded: December 16th, 2006
Founder: Hellborn, Revenant
Leader: Otterted
Guild Allies: People Of Lordly Calibur, The Dark Stalkers Second Wave, Hell Warriors, The white dragon, Dragon Lair, Initium, For Fracks Sakes, Dark Animality, Fallen Alliance, Sword Master, Deadly Alliance
Website: Army of Darkness forum



The Army of Darkness recruits members over level 100 that are very active, mature and team oriented. Space in the guild is limited and deadweights get disposed of quickly. AoD's FS guild page


"The Army of Darkness is an Army of Warriors, United in our Achieve Power and Glory with Honor and Steel."

"Honor n. A reputation for high standards of conduct, a strong sense of what it right.

Anarchy, while fun, is the bane of any gathering of people, unless it’s purpose is Anarchy…" - Revenant, retired founder of AoD



With these great lines, the guild of the Army of Darkness was founded by a group of core Fallensword players who were good friends and wanted to have the best experience in game. While some of them have left us to the demands of real life, the rest remain and now lead what has become one of the finest guilds in Fallensword.


OtterTed - Guild Founder

Hellborn - Retired Founder and AoD Member for Life

Revenant - Retired Founder and AoD Member for Life

Guild Council

Guild Leaders Quartermasters
Bankers Recruiters and Enforcers


Xp Based ranks: PvP Ranks:
  • Deadite Soldier - 0 contributed XP
  • Deadite Veteran - 25,000 contributed XP
  • Deadite Elite - 60,000 contributed XP
  • Vanguard - 120,000 contributed XP
  • Warden - 250,000 contributed XP
  • Knight of Darkness - 500,000 contributed XP
  • Death Knight - 1 million contributed XP
  • Dark Warlord/Dark Princess - 2 million contributed XP
  • ShadowWraith - 5 million contributed XP
  • Praetor Of The Abyss - 10 million contributed XP
  • Lord of Despair/Lady Of Despair - 25 million contributed XP
  • Scion of Darkness - 50 million contributed XP
  • PvP ranks gained only by request.
  • Punisher - 60,000 contributed XP and PvP rating of 1350+
  • Dread Punisher - 500,000 contributed XP and PvP rating of 1500+
  • Elite Punisher - 1 million contributed XP and PvP rating of 1650+
  • Dark Executioner - 3 million contributed XP and PvP rating of 1800+
  • Brutal Slayer - 6 million contributed XP and PvP rating of 1900+
  • Frenzied Berzerker - 12 million contributed XP and PvP rating of 2000+
  • Demented Destroyer - 26 million contributed XP and PvP rating of 2000+

Guild Structure

The Army of Darkness was the 1403th guild created in the game. While this number might seem high, it is not so when compared with the near 50 thousand guilds that were created in the game since its start. Since its founding it has thrived to be a place where players could come to really enjoy the game and be part of a big family, one that supports its members and friends, is respected by its allies and feared by its enemies.

Now, we are a guild with over 100 active members and have been consistently in the 10 top guilds list, making us one of the strongest guild in the game. Our leaders are all seasoned veterans and very capable in their leadership. They ensure the guild continues in its tradition of excellency.

Helping the Leaders are a core of Guild Officers which take care of the banking, guild store and recruitment for the guild.

Our bankers each have many deposits and top defensive gears thus permitting our members to send them the money they want to donate to the guild after their hunt and still be able to use their deposits in order to increase their own bank account. An attack on a banker for the gold they have is always retaliated by the entire guild.

Our Quartermasters are a team of four that take care of our 10 pages guild store (with over 110 item slots) to make sure that the best hunting gear is available for your members and can be used by all. They also make sure free space remain for our hunters to have the spoils of wars from their successful group attacks. Each has large backpacks in order to store additional gear as needed and they keep an eye on the following of the guild store rules by all members.

Our recruiters are a tight team of four who strive to get the best players into the guild. Right now, we recruit players from level 100 and up BUT we have also been known to make exceptions for players who show a lot of promise in their actions and activity. The recruiters also have a job to report game or guild rule breaking to the Senior Recruitment Officer who will concert with the Leaders for the appropriate action to take (warning, probation assignment or kick).

Helping out on guild rule enforcement is the All Seeing Eye. He sees all and reports all so that appropriate actions can be taken against rule offenders, whoever they may be. Fear the Eye... for he sees all.

We also have our Punishers and Slayers who are a core of bounty hunters that will be the first to take bounties placed by guild members. But that does not mean that they are the only ones to do bounties. You better hide when the whole guild goes at it.

Our members are a group of active and mature players whose main interest is to have the best game experience as possible while still having fun with their fellow guildmates and friends. Each member is expected to ask for buffs when they need any and to give them freely to guild members who would require them. We have all structures fully upgraded and thus provide a definite bonus to our members. They are our strength. The faster they grow in power, the strongest ours become and the better we are.

Last but not least we have our own forums where all our members come to discuss and have fun. T is also bristling with useful links and information to help them hunt in the best of their abilities.


Hail to the king baby!!.


--RedlanceEQ 01:27, 27 February 2008 (UTC)