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Leader(s): Rockerion
Founder: ChaosZen
Allies: The Army of Darkness, Hell Warriors, Dragon Lair, Sword Master, Deadly Alliance, Omega, Quentins disciples, The wicked players



Are you level 30 or over? Are you clothed and armed? Are you ready to answer the call? We pride ourselves on our ability to blend into our surroundings and prosper where the weaker will fall. Yours shall be the use of the most powerful equipment, with us you shall hunt down the most elusive and rewarding creatures in the land. A plethora of buffs are yours for the asking. All the buildings you could possibly need for your new life with Initium await you. Our ways are the old ways, we work in the shadows utilizing our cunning and stealth. PvP is for the knights and berserkers, let them stand toe to toe while we slip by. We will not partake unless forced to in defence of our members, and then we shall unleash our fury upon the unworthy.

We are proudly allied with The Army of Darkness, Hell Warriors, Dragon Lair, Sword Master, Deadly Alliance, Omega, Quentins Disciples and The wicked players.

Our strength shall be yours, and in turn your strength is ours.

Want to join us? Check this thread! Be all that you can be - join Initium now!


Initium was founded by ChaosZen. ChaosZen later passed the torch of leadership to Tyrath, who then passed it on to Rockerion.

Currently, the guild is being run by Rockerion, heide, and Hananiah. The Guild Council (including Can That Girl Buff Or What and the Weapons Masters) along with the Initium Advisors form the core leadership group of the guild.


Close allies are The Army of Darkness, Hell Warriors, Dragon Lair, Sword Master, The English Knights, Deadly Alliance, Fallen Alliance, Omega, Quentins Disciples and The wicked players. Initium and our allies are a family, we take care of our own and stand beside every ally and member.

Guild Leadership

Guild Leaders

Rockerion - Guild Founder

heide - Keeper of the Laws

Hananiah - Chaotic Grandmaster

EvertoNex - Weapons Master

Flobalot - Weapons Master

Guild Council

ADARKSTAR - Guild Council

ashe5k - Guild Council

Boru - Guild Council

leivo - Guild Council

ryan1cf - Guild Council

Telcara - Guild Council

zole - Guild Council

inunohime - Can That Girl Buff Or What

Initium Advisors

murdochque - Horsewoman of the Apocalypse

destructe6 - Initium Advisor

falizziya - Initium Advisor

Joriel - Initium Advisor

LunaDove - Initium Advisor

WGTwins - Initium Advisor

quantum714 - Freakin Bunny Assassin

Honorary Members

ChaosZen - The Original Guild Founder Never To Be Forgotten

Antoinette - Legendary Spirit

Delphy - Legendary Spirit

LeslieMS - Legendary Spirit

Tripyhippy - Legendary Spirit

Tyrath - Legendary Spirit

Aggression - Fallen Assassin

LushaKat2 - Fallen Assassin

Mentat - Fallen Assassin

Palan - Fallen Assassin

RayRay1972 - Fallen Assassin

SiNNerZZZ - Fallen Assassin

Strategist - Fallen Assassin

Yukikaz3 - Fallen Assassin


Initium is a friendly non-PvP guild. Honor, Integrity, and Honesty above else is what Initium stands for.

Rules and Regulations

1. Respect everyone in the game. This includes non-guild members. We don't need an entire guild angry with us because someone got to mouthing off to a member because they attacked you or whatever reason. If you have a problem with a player, just walk away.

In elaborating on respect there will be: No derogatory racist remarks. Everyone is the same in this game, we are all here to have a good time. No derogatory religious remarks. Again, we are all the same here and religion should have no difference in how we play. No excessive swearing. We have all ages and well, some people just don't like it. Keep it to a bare minimum if not at all and let's try to avoid the F-bomb at all times. If you say something and another member asks you to refrain, please respect them. No sexual harassment towards guild members or other players in-game of on any forums.

If someone does have an issue with a player, come to a member of the Council and they will handle the matter as they see best.

2. No one will withdraw from the Guild Bank.

3. DO NOT BEG. This includes from players outside of Initium. Do not beg for gold, FSP, or items. If begging is reported, it will mean probation. It is fine to ask for a loan of an item or gold/FSP - but it will be considered a loan that you need to repay under the terms you had with the other player. The Guild and its Leaders will not be held responsible for loans/deals made within the Guild if they go bad i.e. member who loaned your item left the guild, taking your item with him/her.

4. Repay your debts and return any borrowed items to the guild store or players that you have borrowed them from. If items are found to be in auction house for sale that do not belong to you it will be dismissal from the guild. Exceptions are if items are there for storage i.e. at a price they will never sell at. Also note if you borrow items or item sets of another player they may need it back to sell for their own character so make a greater effort to increase your level to the next set range whilst wearing loaned sets.

5. PvP is highly discouraged. It is just a waste of your stamina and loss of xp for the guild. There will be opportunities for PvP with guild and alliance actions but other than that PvP is a just waste of stamina that could have been used for leveling/hunting.

6. Obey the rules of Fallen Sword. If a bug is encountered that may benefit you, do not exploit it report it. If you do not you will get banned from the game they may let you back in to the game but you will not be allowed back into Initium. Only one account is allowed on Fallen Sword. If you are found to have multiple accounts it will mean instant dismissal and a support ticket will be sent to the game developers to get you banned. Just a note that if you are the first to report a bug you get a big FSP reward.

7. If you intend to be offline post it in the Guild Forum. The forums are there for your benefit. If you are offline without posting for 7 days you will be placed on probation. If you are offline for 14 days without posting you will be kicked.

8. Do not ask for buffs unless you have enough stamina to make good use of them! You should have at least 75% of your maximum stamina (or more than 1000 stamina for Doubler) before asking for buffs. Remember that the person buffing you is using their own stamina to do so. Also, avoid asking for buffs that you have yourself.

9. A PvP attack on any Initium ally will result in instant probation and after the council has voted may result in dismissal from the guild. Exception is to clear a bounty with 10 stamina hits.

10. Bounty action rules :- Scenario 1: You are carrying a lot of gold and get attacked - get used to it try to carry as little gold as possible. Scenario 2: You receive a 100 stam random attack go post the minimum reward 10 hit kill bounty on the bounty board and let it clear naturally. Scenario 3: You are being repeatedly attacked by the same player or guild. Report this immediately to the highest ranked member online. This will then be dealt with by the council. Please note that a guild and alliance action may only be started by a guild leader or 3 or more council members. If the attacking player is from a listed Initium allied guild please contact a council member immediately. Do not try to contact their guild unless the person you contact is one of your own personal friends/allies. All matters which may affect guild relations may only be handled by an Initium Guild Leader or an authorized member of Guild Council. Any communication leading to the harm of guild relations or dissolution of alliance may result in immediate kicking from guild. In the event that you are attacked by a guild ally, do not issue a bounty until it is recommended by a Guild Leader or Council member who is willing to take that risk and responsibility of authorizing such retaliation against an ally.

11. Once you have attained a rank where the Guild Tax is already 25% guild donations are not mandatory. FSP donations are purely voluntary and will not buy you rank within the guild.

12. The most important rule of Initium ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guild Rank Structure

Guild Founder

There is only one Guild Founder, for obvious reasons. It is not considered as an exclusive title/rank in terms of authority or function, so the rank of "Inner Circle" was created to offer a second individual (or perhaps more as the guild grows) the same authority in guild final decisions.

Inner Circle

This rank is to be thought of and treated no differently than the Founder and was created in the event that the Guild founder may at some point be unavailable for any period of time. Inner Circle is the Title of all additional guild founders. As our numbers grow, there may be additional members to the Inner Circle. Any new members of the Inner Circle must first have been members of Guild Council as an order of progression and selected based on intimate trust, vestment in the guild, contributions and overall performance as a coincil member (participating in votes without excessive abstaining, etc.).

The Inner Circle consists of the following ranks:

Guild Founder

Keeper of the Laws

Acts as guild Judge and responsible for organizing all guild rules and ensuring that members understand those rules if they are expected to progress beyond a limited rank. The Keeper of the Laws is charged with the same authority as the guild founder. Decisions made by the Keeper of the Laws are final.

Chaotic Grand Master

Responsible for recruiting prospective new members and dismissing those who do not measure up to the expectations of the Initium. This is also to be thought of as the Chief Instructor of all guild Initiates and charged with the same authority as the guild founder. Decisions made by The Chaotic Grand Master are final.

Guild Council

There should be no more Guild council, than there are subordinate ranked members. The current ratio (unless voted for change) is 1:19, having nineteen or more ranked members below Guild council, for every one Guild Council member (not including Founders/Inner Circle).

Ranks above Guild Council will also act as council in making decisions and voting, but do not count against the ratio of Council members per regular member. These ranks above council do not gain added votes or leveraged authority in matters of voting, they still only count as a single vote in each matter.

Functions and decisions that are not subject to council vote include:

Executive decision (made by founders/Inner Circle, not put up for vote, which shall not happen often).

Promoting members to ranks above council (entry into Inner Circle).

Special Ranks within Council

Weapons Master

Arms and armor advisor for the guild. The final authority on all matters pertaining to the armory or the Guild Store. Full Council privileges.


Has full Council privileges and duties and aids the Chaotic Grand Master in recruitment duties.

Can That Girl Buff Or What

Is the official guild skills caster and has full Council privileges as well.

Keeper of Records

The Keeper of Records is the guild historian and story-teller. His knowledge of the guild's foundations will definitely be unsurpassed. Also has full Council privileges.

Initium Advisor

The Initium Advisors are valued for their wisdom. They have proven mastery of the guild rules and history, and has actively participated in intra-guild relations.

Ranks Below Advisor

Immortal Lightbringer 40M

Is a revered "enlightened" warrior. The Immortal Lightbringer Is the highest rank that a player can achieve below Initium Advisor. It takes 40,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Elite Warrior of the Night 30M

The Elite Warrior of the Night has roamed the Fallen Sword Realms leaving all opponents on his path devastated. It takes 30,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Deranged Deadly Assassin 25M

This Deranged Deadly Assassin has shown that he/she will do whatever it takes to maintain the honor and integrity of Initium. It takes 25,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Supreme Assassin 20M

The Supreme Assassin is a decorated and honored assassin. He has gained the necessary skills and performed heroic tasks for the guild. It takes 20,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Initium Guardian 15M

"Over my dead and rotten body" is the Guardian's motto. He is well known in the guild for his no-nonsense approach to guild actions and has gained the required experience to prove him worthy of watching over his little brothers. It takes 15,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

The Brute 10M

Roaming the Fallen Sword realms clad in armor is this towering figure known to Initium as The Brute. It takes 10,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Voodoo Lord 7M

The Voodoo Lord is a master of the arcane arts. He can brew success for Initium and concoct devastation to all who oppose it. It takes 7,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Legendary Triad Dragon 5M

The Legendary Triad Dragon is an experienced tattooed assassin. His body is marked with three dragon tattoos circling in what seems to be a plague stricken man. It takes 5,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Legendary Double Dragon 4M

The Legendary Double Dragon is a tattooed Assassin. The tattoo of two dragons (red and black) is seen on his back signifying bravery and coming-of-age. It takes 4,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Legendary Assassin 3M

Initium boasts of highly skilled assassins who are masters of the art of stealthy killing. The Legendary assassins are those who's name will be passed on from generation to generation as "assassins who make Initium a force to reckon with." It takes 3,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Wealthy Tax Loving Grand Assassin

The wealthy Tax Loving Grand Assassin are true masters of the "assassin" art and can smell gold from a mile away. It takes at least 1,000,000 contributed XP and 25% of guild tax to achieve this title.

Master Assassin 2500k

The guru's of assassination. They have gained the required experience and accomplished numerous assassinations for the guild. It takes 2,500,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Royal Assassin 2M

Masterfully trained in the art of stealth. The Royal Assassin knows when to strike best. It takes 2,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Shogun Assassin 1500k

They are the achievers in the Initium guild of assassins. They have been carefully selected from the many that aspired to dwell deeper into the arts. It takes 1,500,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Shinobi Assassin 1M

They thieves in the night are the only description that anyone could think of when they hear the title "Shinobi Assassin". It takes 1,000,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Wealthy Tax Loving Assassin

The Wealthy Tax Loving Assassin has already passed the Initiate status but is willing to contribute funds for the brotherhood. It takes at least 100,000 contributed XP and 25% guild tax to achieve this rank.

Martial Assassin 750k

They blend well with their surroundings but has a lot more to learn. The Martial Assassins have mastered the art of concealment making them a threat to anyone who challenges the might of their swords. It takes 750,000 contributed experience to achieve this title.

Guild Assassin 500k

Returning from a mission to slay the opponent's guards, the Guild Assassin has earned the respect and trust of the elders. It takes 500,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Mercenary Assassin 300k

They guard the grounds, slaying anyone who seems to be spies from our enemies. It takes 300,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Rogue Assassin 200k

The spies of the guild. They travel the realms taking note of our enemy's weaknesses and strengths. It takes 200,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.

Assassin 100k

Having completed small missions for the guild. The Assassins have gained the trust of the elders and had been fully accepted into the guild. It takes 100,000 contributed XP to achieve this title.


Initiates are those new to The Initium and are undergoing an Initiatic process of evaluation to determine active status, contribution to the guild or who have not yet qualified for a formal rank.


All new recruits of the Initium remain unranked until such time as they begin to study, skill and grow for the Initiate process. New members will remain unranked until such time as they begin to earn more than 100 experience per day. Gaining a fair amount of experience on their first day in the Initium may lead to immediate promotion into the Initiate rank, however, the longer the time before their first contributed experience is earned, the higher the requirement to be ranked may become.

Frozen Assassin

After 7 days of inactivity, an assassin gets this rank. After another 7 days of inactivity (14 total), they get the boot.

Special Ranks

Legendary Spirit

Retired leaders of the guild.

Fallen Assassin

Retired honored veteran assassins.