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The Dark Mind
Founded: 22th August 2008
Founder(s): Sk3la MindClosed
Leader(s): Sk3la MindClosed
Allies: Will be updated later
Enemies: None
Website: How am I suppose to know that...
Fallensword Page: The Dark Mind
Recuiting: 3 spots open-- Join Now!
This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.

This Website is under construction so everything might not be here


About Us

We are a new guild and just trust me, this guild is awesome and everybody will have fun to be in!


The dream of 2 guys has finally come true. Yeah, we have created a guild and we do will anything to make one of the greatest guild.


Will be updated later


Will be updated later

Current Objectives

  • Acquire 1 000 000 0.png
  • Acquire at least 100 1.png


If you want to apply to our future guild, there's nothing more easier, just read this few rules:

  • 1) You need to be at least Level 25 to join. Exeptions can be made.
  • 2) Be active and deposit Gold while you can. There's no obligation to deposit into the guild each day but deposit often is appreciate.
  • 4) Do NOT attack other members of the guild or allied guild. You will be kicked on the way.
  • 5) If you are inactive with no reason, we will advise you. If there's no awnser or reason of your inactivity, you'll be kicked.
  • 6) If you have to be inactive for a while(Vacations, etc..)just tell us and you won't be kicked.
  • 7) Have fun playing the game and don't be shy if you have some question to ask!

Member's Section

This section is going to speak about everything that concerns the members of the guild.

Guild Members

Players Name Members Rank
Sk3la Founder
MindClosed Founder
ButtBomb Lost Recruit
Nagbuk Lost Recruit
Th3tus Lost Recruit

Members Rank

Will be updated later


Will be updated later

How to join us

Just Send a Private Message to one of the Founder via Fallen Sword:

The one who's got the idea of creating a guild

The one who's helping the guy to build a guild


If we want our guild to survive and be great to be in, we need a lot of Gold and Fallen Sword Point .

If some of you want to help us by contributing in Gold or in Fallen Sword Point just send your donation to this player:

If you want to donating item or just a set, sent it to this player:

Don't forget to send a Private Message before sending a donation to advise the player of your gratefuless!