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Siam logo transperency.png
Founded: 2007
Founder: kpelto
Leader(s): kessu, OneMember
Allies: -
NAPs: Lions Den Finland, Northern Glory
Enemies: -
Fallen Sword page: FS page
Website: Our homepage (finnish)



We are 39th in Guild List and we are now biggest and highest Finnish guild in FallenSword.
And we intend to keep it that way.


Long time ago player named kpelto started to play FallenSword and decided not to join any guild,
but make a new guild for all Finnish players. We only know that his girlfriend was from Thailand
and we think that was the reason why our guild’s name is what it is.
Let’s not forget Varjo who carry us and keep us alive before he gave kessu (our current leader)
the rank of Guild Founder. After that OneMember has also got that rank.


We have many players whose names are known around FS world. Let’s take TarsTarkas (TT) for a sample.
One of the reasons why we have level limit in deleveling when bountying.
There are many others and some of them are known for good pvp and gold stealing skills… but hey, this is pvp game =)

Rules (rough translation)

  1. Everyone have to pay 20 FSP to guild. (Flexible time limit)
  2. If you need gold for some item, just ask. (We have lots of items)
  3. You might be kicked from the guild if you are afk over 14 days without saying anything.
  4. Everything in our store belongs to guild. You can borrow them, but remember to return them. Remember that high ranked players can use recall.
  5. Keep the chat clean. Use private message when needed. Also avoid unnecessary mass messages.
  6. We will do mass deposit (not sure how to say that in English) and we want all +50 lvl members try to be part of them. More gold -> More upgrades.
  7. Help guild members. (buffs, item help, try to guide and help when needed)


Need to do spell check when I have time...