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Protectors of Sylvania
Founded: 05/Dec/2008
Founder: Jarllaxle
Co-Founders: Spuzzem
Leaders: Richardhed, Nelsojo, granimere, bildo69
Recruiter: Bigbiz
Allies: Secret Alliance, Dark Empire, Demonic Law, The Creators of Darkness
Enemies: None
Website: Here
Fallensword Page:
Recuiting: All active players interested in leveling quickly, gvg or titan hunting
This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.


About the Guild


Elf Wood Trial: 2 week trial.
Tree Hugger 25k+.
Forrest Scout: 60k+.
Pathfinder: 100k+.
Warden: 300k+.
Hi​gh Druid: 500+.
Phoenix Guard: 1m+.
Beserker: 60k+.
GvG Savages: A member focused on GVG.
GvG Elite Savages: An experienced GVGer.
Elite Protector: 60k+.
Master Bowman: 30m+.
Eldricht Knight: 50m+.
Captain of the Sentires: 100m+.
5 Day Get motivated: Inactive for 5 days, warning to do something or risk being kicked.
Own rank after 100M or pay 30fsp to the guild:

Guild Rules

We all need to work together so everyone can benefit.

  • BE POLITE: Do not be rude or harass other players. Always say please and thank you when asking for buffs.
  • BE ACTIVE: Inactive players will be kicked from the guild. After 5 days you will recieve a warning and after 7 you will be kicked.
  • Guild Gear.
You have to power to recall gear so as you need gear feel free to recall it, the only rule is to not take active (within 7 days) members' gear.
Epic Gear: It can be found in the guild store. The rule is to just take it when you get near full stamina to max out the amount of stam you have and then put it back in the store after you regain your stam. Cloth gloves of stam and Rune of stam count as these.
This does not apply to Epic Weapons

Shared Gear

Everyone has the power to recall gear so as recall it as you need, the only rule is to not take active (within 7 days) members' gear.

  • To store items back into the store. go to the guild page and scroll down to store, then click store items.

Our Shared EPIC list:

Skaldirs Frostbitten Steps X1
Ring of Red Death X2
Deepwater Choker X2
Writhing Ward X2
Krimson Kardic Helm X2
Ogaliths Fiery Grasp X1
Bladed War Gauntlets X1
Tsukiyaomos Benighted Helm X1
Echiphons Scale Gauntlets X1
Fuvayus Vortex Stone X1
Rune of Stamina X3
Cloth Gloves of Stamina X3
Reborn Elemental Air Javelin X9
Reborn Elemental Earth Hammer X2
Reborn Elemental Trident of Water X3
Reborn Elemental Blade of Fire X1
Inferno Hammer X3
Steamwork Cuirass X2

Helpful Tips

  • IMPORTANT Do the 3 beginning Epic Quests to get lots of stam, +4 stam gain and +100 max stam. They can be done at almost every level and give over 110 fsps worth of upgrades for free.
Present Darkness (EP)
Signs and Portents (EP)
Eternal Defiance (EP)
  • For the best place/creature to train for your level check
  • Highly recommended you put all your level up points into damage


All higher members are always willing to buff members. Granimere has the best buffs in the guild and is incredibly generous with them so always feel free to ask. Only ask for buffs if you are full to max stam and are going to hunt.

Guild Buffers: Will give free hunting buffs to all members


  • ALWAYS hunt with at least the following buffs
Treasure Hunter
Adept Learner
Animal Magnetism
Doubler - Depends how much stam you have
<1250 use doubler 150 (can be received from Bigbiz and Richardhed)
<3000 use doubler 500 (potion)
>3000 use doubler 750 (potion)
  • Very Useful buffs
Summon Shield Imp
  • People Giving Free Buffs
Rebornjedi (Everyone)
Eseseus (For people under lev 50)
Tassicek (people under lev 100)
JohnSnow13 (Gives AL,Lib,TH, Mer, Cons, and Doubler to players under level 50)
Stringer6 (everyone, is level 1440)

Guild vs Guild

Livingsin is in charge of all GVG. Talk with her if you are interested in participating. Our Rules for GVG:

  • ASK FIRST before joining GVG.
  • ALWAYS look before you hit. To guarantee the win your atk>their def, your dam>their armor, and either your def>their atk or your armor>their dam.

We currently pay 2 fsps for gvg wins.

Titan Hunting

Livingsin is currently looking for people interested in titan hunting to start a team. Contact her for more information.

Global Events

Hi everyone, this section explains Global Events and how to participate in them.

A Global Event is an event where the whole FS community works together to kill creatures to unlock awesome potions for everyone. You can find these special creatures on pretty much every map and they have (Global) next to their name. Each time you kill one of these creatures you receive 1 kill for your contribution. On the World screen underneath the map you can see how many kills you have and how many more you need to reach the next contribution level.


As the FS community reaches certain numbers of kills they will unlock levels of prizes that can be earned by participants. The number of kills the community has is recorded under the map in the World screen and by putting your cursor over the bar it can tell you the prizes at each level. The next step to earning prizes is that you need to reach certain numbers of kills for each level. By putting your cursor over the bar will also tell you the number of kills you need for each level of prize.

At the end of the event you receive the prizes from the level that you reached or the community reached, whichever is lower. For example, if the community reaches level 5 but you only reach level 2, you will receive the prize for level 2. The opposite is also true, if you reach level 5 but the community only reaches level 4, you will get the prize from level 4.

The prizes are always potion chests that usually let you pick between a potion for pvp and a potion for hunting. You may be wondering, is it worth the stamina spent hunting? YES, the potions are awesome.


  • Use the Potion of Major Global Acceleration, which can be bought from the loyalty page for either gold or allegiance tokens. (Upgrades tab>Loyalty) It works exactly like doubler, it will take 4 times more stamina but will count as 4 kills.
  • Use lightfoot, you will walk around a lot killing them. This saves you a lot of stamina. Can be gotten for free from Granimere, jjjoyce, or Rebornjedi for free.
  • Use Animal Magnetism to make the creatures reappear at the same location
  • Use Conserve to save stamina
  • The creatures are pretty easy to kill for everyone so don't worry about getting a full set of buffs, besides lightfoot, conserve and animal magnetism
  • DO IT