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43516_mini.jpg LesserDemons 43516_mini.jpg
Founded: Dec/2008
Founder: BlackDoguh
Allies: N/A
NAPs: Vampires Blood,Fallen Castle
Enemies: N/A
Embracing: Level 15+ ACTIVE PLAYERS and Stamina Burners, speak with our Recruiters
Webpage: []



Recruiting LOYAL, HONEST, members, level 15 and up. Apply if you are an ACTIVE PLAYER and STAMINA BURNER.



Every guild Member is responsible for reading and understanding all the rules. By accepting membership in to Lesser Demons. You are agreeing to up hold the standards set out in these documents, including any future changes that may occur. If you feel that you are unable or unwilling to abide by this agreement, please notify BlackDoguh.

Golden Rule

Were a polite guild that means asking politely and respecting all members in Fallen Sword. If you are rude to any player, Swear, use foul language or are a disrespectful you will be subject for removal from the guild.

Being Active

All new members who do not login for 48 hrs or more are subject for removal from the guild.

There is 7 days of inactivity be for a full members will be removed. The only exception to this is if the member advises the guild founder or leaders that an absence is forthcoming. Being a Relic Guard is very useful and will keep you around allot longer.

Being active means more than logging in frequently. To be active you must Donate Gold or FSP and contribute XP to the guild. If you are INACTIVE for 7 days, even if you log in frequently, you may be subject for removal. Contributions are need to keep the guild upkeep payed.

Guild Dues

Every guild member is required to pay Guild Dues. Pays for the structures so we all can bet benefits from being in a guild.

  • A: Guild Dues are to keep the guild running smoothly and growing so we can make pay upkeep.
  • A: Your Guild Dues are 2 full deposit to the guild bank per week, with training at least twice a week, or when stamina is full.
  • Q: What if I do not make my deposits or train?
  • A: You will have you rank stripped.
  • Q: How do I get my rank back?
  • A: you make your deposits and start training.
  • Q: What does full bank deposit mean?
  • A: That means you give the max amount of gold when making guild deposits.
  • Q: Does Forging guild items count as anything?
  • A: Yes forging Counts as 3 deposits, 2fsp + Gold = 3 deposits.
  • It is your responsibility to send a PM to the treasurer(When the position is filled) that you forged an item, Or they will not be counted as your contribution.

Guild Conflicts

We are a GvG Guild, only take place in Guild Conflicts if you're asked to do so by the BlackDoguh.

If you wish to take part in a Guild Conflicts select your target and let BlackDoguh know who you wish to attack. DO NOT ATTACK in a Guild Conflict until you get permission to do so by BlackDoguh.

  • Q: What happens if I attack in a guild conflict with out permission?
  • A: You will be removed from the guild.
  • Q: How do I take place in a guild conflict?
  • A: You attack any member in your level range and it will put you into the Guild Conflicts if maximum participants have not been reached.
  • A: There is a set number of attacks each guild gets(50 ,75 or 100). Each win from an attack you have initiated your guild gains 1 point. The guild with the most points at the end of the conflict wins.
  • Q: What if each guild has the same amount of points at the end of the Guild Conflicts?
  • A: If each guild has equal points it is a stand off.
  • A: The end of a Guild Conflicts is when each guild makes all of their attacks, or the 24hrs has expired.
  • A: For every Guild Conflicts we win we get 1RP and some of the other guilds GvG points.
  • For those not taking place in the Guild Conflicts buff those that are in the Guild Conflicts with any buff that you have. If your buff is higher then the buff on them, buff over the lower buff.

Also if your being attacked in a Guild Conflicts let the guild know this in chat so we can buff you.

Make sure to repair your equipment before going offline. (Also switch to your defensive or attack set set if you have one.)

Guild Storage

The guild storage is for guild use taking items out of the guild storage is not for personal profit. Selling items or not returning items when you are done with them is considered theft. Becoming a thief will make you a guild enemy and have you removed from the guild.

Placing items in the guild storage is meaning you have given that item to the guild unless stated in guild chat that you will retrieve that item in no more then 24hrs. The last 2 guild storage space are for Groups to get drops. They are to be left open at all times.

Guild Locked Sets are for any member of the proper level to use. If a member has a/or piece(s) To a set and other member wish to talk to that member if not online message that member that you are using the set then when your done repair it and return it..

Never Recall equipped items off a player without asking. If you need an item that a players has equipped please bring it to their attention if online or some one higher up if they are not. If you recall equipped items off of player/s without asking your rank will be stripped.

Guild Mailbox

All members must always get items out of the guild mailbox no matter what. Make sure to send items in there to some one that is holding items and get them items out of the guild box.


All buffs are free for guild members, just ask politely in guild chat for what buffs you need and if someone is on and can accommodate your request they will do so. Everyone should always have Adept Learner, Treasure Hunter, Librarian , Merchant and Doubler(if available) when leveling,but this isn't a must-do. Please do not demand buffs ask politely for the buffs you need. Saying "Buff me" will not get you buffed. Saying "Please my I have the gainer pack?" will get you AL,TH,Lib,Merc, and doubler(supplied by several[but not many]) in most places. PMing players and asking for buffs is fine but make sure there online if they aren't online ask in guild chat.

Offline Guide

Always keep your backpack clear of junk, for sets to be sent to you when your offline. We all do not share the same schedules, so you should have room in your BP so you can receive guild items/sets.

Set your group level so when you come back online you have the right group for the job your doing. Sometimes a group is wasted if you get it full of low levels.

Make sure to repair your items before going offline.(This is a must do!)

Guild Chat

There is no expectation of members to participate in guild chat but one should be-able to read and understand english. We would love it if you did, but we also understand if you do not. All members are more than welcome to participate in any and all aspect of the forum, Web page or guild chat. So be polite when participate & respecting all members of Fallen Swords. Remember were here to have fun.



Guild Founders Council Members Administration
  • BlackDoguh Guild Founder
  • Position needs filled Co-Founder
  • Position needs filled Master of Arms
  • Position needs filled Diplomat
  • Position needs filled Treasurer
  • Position needs filled Web Master
  • Position needs filled Recruiters

All Ranks not included. A full listing of ranks can be found on the guild page..


Ranks are gained from Your Guild Exp. Specialty ranks are gained from a donation of 20fsp to BlackDoguh. All specialty ranks grow with your exp, you may make your rank title anything you wish as long as it is not offensive and it may be changed at anytime by PMing BlackDoguh the new rank title.

Guild Ranks Rank Abilities
  • Lord of the Flies 50m
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall/Mass/Rank/Recruit/Tag/Merc/Conflict
  • Lord of the Pit 25M
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall/Mass/Rank/Recruit/Tag/Merc
  • Greater Demon 10M
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall/Mass/Rank/Recruit/Tag
  • Demon 5M
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall/Mass/Rank/Recruit/
  • Lesser Demon 2M
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall/Mass/Rank
  • Demon Knight 1M
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall/Mass
  • Horned Demon 500k
  • Advisor/Store/Take/Recall
  • Foul Demon 100k
  • Advisor/Store/Take
  • Pit Fiend 50k
  • Advisor/Store
  • Imp 25k
  • Advisor
  • The Damned
  • None
  • Dead to the Damned
  • None

*Dungeon is reserved for members that have broken an Alliance, NAP or have not paid there Guild Dues.

Alliances & Non Aggresion Pacts (NAPs)

All Members must Read & Follow all Alliances & Non Aggresion Pacts Terms that follow. If you do not follow the trems with one of our allies or a guild that we hold a NAP with You will be subject to pay fees to the member/s or Guild/s Involved and rank Removal until all fees are paid.

Terms of Alliances

  • 1) Do not attack members of or start conflicts with Allied guilds.
  • 2) Taking relics is exempt. Relics may be taken or attempted to be taken.
  • 3) We come to the aid of our allies. Helping with guild bounties and deleveling.
  • 4) We let allied guilds know if they have gotten a guild enemy in there guild.
  • 5) You may take a bounty on a fellow ally if they ask or you see that they have a bounty on there head and are offline. Using 10 stamina attacks sending back stolen gold(Not lost).

Allied Guilds

Terms of NAPs

  • 1) Do not attack members or start conflicts with guilds we hold a NAP with.
  • 2) Taking relics is exempt. Relics may be taken or attempted to be taken.
  • 3) We will put out the call to arms when NAPs ask. You my join in if you wish.
  • 4) We let guilds that we hold a NAP with know if they have gotten a guild enemy in there guild.
  • 5) You may take a bounty on a fellow NAPs if they ask or they are offline. Using 10 stamina attacks sending back stolen gold(Not lost).

Guilds Currently Holding NAPs with

Vampires Blood, Fallen Castle,

External Links(Tips & Guides )