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We are a friendly guild who stand by one another, aiding each other in any way possible and enjoying a good laugh.


Member Ranks

Ranks of members depends on the XP contributed to the guild.

  • 0 XP - 7 days trial period - rank for new members.
  • 0 XP - Dreamstalker
  • 50k XP - Fire eater
  • 150k XP - Golden Hunter
  • 500k XP - Nightmare Warrior
  • 1mil XP - Ego Hunter
  • 2mil XP - Illusionary Assasin
  • 4mil XP - Paradise Keeper
  • 7mil XP - Mercenary
  • 10mil XP - Crystal Hunter
  • 15mil XP - Heavens Guardian
  • Recruiter of EGO - Guild recruiter a special rank.

Senior Members

Guild Founder:


We are all willing to help other guildies out with buffs, but it is definitely best if you ask people directly rather than in guild chat. Also, try to only ask for one or two from each person, as they need their stamina for levelling too!

Please don't ask unless you have at least 500 stam, as it needs to be worthwhile...

As we are a friendly guild, the use of please and thank you is most definitely recommended, these people are doing you a favour!

Guild Structures

Structure Name Level Bonus Structure Name Level Bonus
Battle Totem 20 Attack +40 Health Shrine 20 HP +100
Armory 20 Defense +40, Armor +40 Endurance Shrine 3 Stamina +15
Weaponsmith 20 Damage +60 Temple 5 Holy +50%
Shrine of Pain 4 Critical Hit +20% Tranquil Retreat 6 Max Stamina +120
Destructive Shrine 6 Breaker +60% Pentagram 6 Banishment +30%
Blade Master 5 Piercing Strike +50% Training Room 10 Dodge +50%
Blacksmith 5 Master Blacksmith +50% Sustain Shrine 4 Sustain +20%
Tavern 1 Mercenary Structure Crafters Workshop 4 Master Crafter +80%
Military Advisor 1 Group Stats viewable Fury Shrine 5 Buffs +25 levels
Guild Registrar 3 Guild-locked recall

Guild Store

Small guild store, but stockpiles of equipment in player backpacks with levelling sets for all levels of players As we have a fully upgraded Guild Registrar, our items are locked, so guild thieves look elsewhere!