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Army of the Empire
Leader(s): RealToth, Thanos, moorlord, XxShivaxX
Founder: Narex
Allies: Relentless, The Wicked Players, Dark Animality

Our History

We are the 74th guild created back in December 2006. We have persevered when other guilds have fallen. We are still active and are once again on the march up the guild ladder to reclaim our place in Fallen Sword.

Our Philosophy

Just because we are trying to conquer the known universe and destroy all opposition doesn't mean we shouldn't be polite about it. A Guild unlike any other, we are a cooperative of active players linked by our dedication to many goals. We exist for the destruction of those who would utilize their anonymity to destroy the fun of the game for others by showcasing the ugliest and most abusive sides of human nature.

Our purpose is to promote better game play, fun for all members, and a high level of social interaction among our membership and our diplomatic partners. Though Fallensword is a game, we recognize that it is a conduit through which players can build relationships with people the world over. Because we value this opportunity so highly, only those willing and able to actively participate in both the game and the social pieces of the alliance will be welcome to join. Further, no member of the guild will participate in, condone, or tolerate the spewing of racial, cultural, sexual, or any other derogatory language or behavior as this only detracts from the quality experience of the game and shines a poor light on us all.

The above being said, AotE defends its members against unjust and bullish attacks, and further will defend its diplomatic partners as it defends itself when necessary. When appropriate, retribution will always be swift, harsh, and terminal. Our guild is open to all, and will help members with their growth, development and knowledge of the game. If you stand with us, and are willing to actively work for AotE... we will work for you thus insuring guild and members alike reap the rewards. If you are simply in search of a guild that might keep the boogeyman away there are plenty of guilds who specialize in that sort of thing.

To those who want to fight and stand for something better I say: "Join AotE , you'll feel better in the morning."

Cool Stuff

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