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The Wicked Players
Founded: December 2007
Founder: Chilon
Leaders: Thoran


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We Are Recruiting/Rebuilding

Our History

Created around December 2007, by Chilon.

Refounded the first week of April 2008 by Cremson, we started with 6 structures and less than 10 members. Soon after, Chilon joined up, and under their leadership we became a top 250 guild in only two weeks. One week later, we became just the second guild to fully upgrade all 19 structures. Soon after, Cremson retired and we climbed into the top 100. One month later we broke into the top 50, but Chilon followed Cremson into retirement. The trio of Alclaris, MaxDamage and punkass then took over and started guiding us forward again. Today, we are led by MaxDamage and punkass. We are a top 30 guild in XP and consistently atop the Richest Guilds and the GvG ladder. . . . We strive to be the best people we can, confident that this will make us the best guild, an unshakable confidence earned with the respect of our peers.

(**18/Mar/2024 Badpenny: - "Other founders included MaxDamage, Punkass, and GeorgieS. Georgie passed away in a motorcyle accident and was the first "resident" of Angel's Keep, Chilon was banned in early 2008 for repeated ToS violations. Punkass went inactive in 2009 or 2010."**)

Our Mission

To increase our enjoyment of the game through membership in a community of like minded individuals. We are not a guild chasing higher levels, we are friends playing a team game. Our Success is the sum of our successes, and our own enjoyment is the only judge to which we submit.

Our Philosophy

We believe that enjoyment comes from the sharing of success more so than the accomplishment itself. Therefore, we value communication above all else and support each other in our personal pursuits. . . . We further believe that contributing experience does little to help our guild mates achieve their goals. Therefore, it is through the sharing of FallenSword Points, gold, buffs, and equipment that we build our community. . . . Lastly, we believe that alliances draw their strength and value from friendship. We do not make friends to acquire protection for ourselves. We protect our allies because they are our friends.

Wicked Returnees:

Zuzu22 = Returned briefly on Mar. 27 2024

'Wicked Not still listed within the Guild'

Davros81 / PabloBison / Kipin / Araldite / Chilon / Cremson / Inkulu / carbo1020 / MissShiv / BullDoggCI / FusionJ / PigSplint / KyrieShade