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Your dead.jpg
Age: 22
Country: USA - IL
Sex: Male
Joined: Feb 2008
Name: GodlyMeat
Guild: The Lords of Chaos
Guild Title: Runeblade
Allies: Guildmates
Enemies: ###
Medals: ###
Auction House: N/A
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Skills free to guild members. Buff cost based on 1k per stamina used.

Category Name Level Image Price
Offense Rage 100 (+25) 0_sm.gif 10,000 gold_button.gif
Offense Fury 100 (+25) 2_sm.gif 10,000 gold_button.gif
Offense Enchant Weapon 100 (+25) 5_sm.gif 10,000 gold_button.gif
Offense Berserk 100 (+25) 3_sm.gif 15,000 gold_button.gif
Special Adept Learner 100 (+25) 19_sm.gif 10,000 gold_button.gif
Special Doubler N/A 26_sm.gif N/A gold_button.gif