Glimpse of the Shroud

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445 Caves of Kreth (Level 5) (16,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Caves of Kreth (Level 5) (14,9)
  3. Obtain Coleoptera Shell from Kreth Coleoptera
  4. Return to Caves of Kreth (Level 5) (14,9)
  5. Go to Hidden Nook (12,2)
  6. Return to Start


  • 652,016 XP

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As you are hunting the caves, a Paladin in shining amour hails you.

He shakes you hand warmly, 'It's good to see a friendly face at last. I have a problem. I'm trying to find the fate of an ancient artifact which was lost to the Temple I am charged to serve. The Icon of Ishdar vanished along with a Prophet of the Temple ages ago. No one knows what befell the Icon and the order gave it up as lost. I just feel that we should find out it's fate. The trail leads here and the only area I can't get into it that Hidden Nook because those Coleoptera protect it. I'm sure a clue to the icon lies in that area. Can you try to get in?'

You get near to the Hidden Nook that the Paladin mentioned, but then you then see a Huge Coleoptera Guarding the entrance.

You try to creep past the monstrous Guard but it does not let you pass. It seems content to keep you out of the Hidden Nook. You then see several smaller Coleoptera walk past the Guard without any trouble. Maybe if you had a shell of the Coleoptera you could get past.

The Coleoptera guard eyes you suspiciously, if you had a Coleoptera Shell it might let you past.'

You put the Shell over your shoulders and walk directly toward the Hidden Nook, fervently praying to Sahria that this will work. The guard twitches as you approach, but seems to change it's mind. You enter the dark crevice.

The Hidden Nook has been taken over completely by the Kreth Coleoptera. You see pregnant Coleoptera being fed by workers as you pass. In one dark corner strangely, there are no beetles. There is a unnatural gloom over the area.

You find a dark altar, hidden in the gloom. You cannot fully see standing in this murk. As you investigate the altar, your fingers run over weird runes. In the center of the altar you find odd lumps that seem out of place. Taking these you return to the light and see in your hands a broken symbol of the light. The Paladin will want to see this you imagine. You gain 1 x Shattered Icon of Ishdar.

The Paladin of the Light stands patiently, he greets you warmly when you return. 'Have you found a clue as to what happened to the Icon of Ishdar?'

The Paladin takes the shattered remains in mournful silence. 'I had hoped that I would not find the Icon defiled.' You describe the alter and the unnatural dark mist that surrounded it. The Paladin seemed to grow more agitated as you speak. 'It sounds like an Alter of the Shroud! The Shroud is where GorGulGol reigns on the border between the realms of Life and Death. The Alter is only done by the most vile of Necromancers, it is used to turn themselves into Undead beasts. Why anyone would choose such a thing is beyond me. But that is not my concern, I have completed my task and discovered the fate the Icon. I and grateful for your help my friend, may the light always shine on you.' You receive 652,016 Xp