Foul Deed

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473 Wastes of Kruz (Vale) (2,12) [none]



  1. Go to Hill of Aok Tonrar (6,10)
  2. Obtain Blood Filled Heart from Hemovore
  3. Return to Hill of Aok Tonrar (6,10)
  4. Go to Hill of Aok Tonrar (7,10)


Player Note:

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There are distant cries on the wind. You at first assume that they are wild animals, then you catch a glimpse of the Hemovore, and realize it\'s their inhuman calls. The cries seemed to center on a distant point. Curious to what the Hemovore would be up to you investigate the sound. As you top a low ridge you see two downed Mactherium Riders. One lies on the floor in a pool of blood, the other is tied up. As soon as the Hemovore see you, they quickly pick up the bound Rider and run off.

The Rider coughs up blood, you can see plainly that there is nothing that you can do for him,'They have taken him haven't they. I told the young lad never let them take you. They are going to sacrifice him to Aor Tonrar, their ever thirsty god. Please - go to the Hill of Aor Tonrar and fetch the boy. I would go myself, but I don't think I'm going to see the night.'

The air is charged by a presence, as you walk the Hill of Aor Tonrar you feel as if someone is constantly watching you. Eventually you come into a large clearing, within it you see a Blood Drenched Alter and a semi-crazed Hemovore stood next to it. Beside the Alter you see a very frightened Bound Rider.

You draw you weapon and level it at the strange Hemovore, 'Let the boy free.' The Hemovore Priest seems mildly amused by your audacity. 'You ask a Priest of Aor Tonrar to stop the Rite of Blessing on the very Hill of Aor Tonrar it's self! The Rite demands a Blood Filled Heart, if you can find one, I shall let the Rider go.'

The Priest prepares the Alter for the Rite of Blessing, he does not look up from his work. \'Have you found a Blood filled Heart?\'

The Priest takes the Heart, 'I am surprised that you are willing to serve Aor Tonrar, this is a strong heart as well. You may take the boy. He cowers before me. He has no spirit and I suspect that the offering would be rejected anyway. But you Warrior, you surprise me. I shall take your offering and in exchange I shall give the Fang of Aor Tonrar. It shall lead on a path to power. Now leave me, and take the whimpering fool with you.' You receive 1 x Fang of Aor Tonrar

The Rider lays at your feet, \'You\'re not a Hemovore, have you come to free me?\'

You slice the thick rope with the Fang of Aor Tonar, you see the Hemovores that were standing near the Alter draw nearer with a low murmur. You realize to late what the fang is used for. To release the sacrifice for the Rite of Blessing. You help the boy to his feet and leave the Hill as fast as possible. 'Thank you so much, I thought I was going to die there. My patrol leader said never to let them take you, I can see what he meant by that.' You tell him that the other Githorom Rider died. At this news the boy begins to whimper. You begin to start to see what the Hemovorian Priest meant by a pathetic offering. You receive 736,746 Xp